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Community Security

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17 November 2016 @ 18:00 Crassula Hall/Gemeenskapsaal, Betty’s Baai

Kennisgewing Algemene Jaarvergadering Hangklip/Kleinmond Gemeenskapspolisie Forum / Annual General Meeting Hangklip/Kleinmond Community Police Forum

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Protect your valuables by invisibly marking them for identification in the event of theft.

All you have to do is follow the instructions in the PDF pamphlet linked below, make the necessary payment and then have the peace of mind that you will be able to identify your items if the need arises.

Download here.


Adrian de Kock Secretary/Treasurer BBRA


To all members of the BBRA, other residents and owners,
It has come to our attention that there is a perception amongst some residents of Betty’s Bay that we as a ratepayer’s association supports a specific security company.

I wish to state categorically, that we do not support any company to the exclusion of the other service providers. We will at all times maintain a neutral position towards the four service providers and it is the prerogative of residents to employ a company of their choice.

I wish to express the appreciation of the BBRA to the invaluable work that the security companies are doing. The liaison and cooperation with the BBRA Neighbourhood Watch is highly appreciated.

Rudi Perold
Chairperson, Betty’s Bay Ratepayers Association
01 June 2016


Aan alle lede van die BBBV, ander inwoners en eienaars,
Dit het onder ons aandag gekom dat daar ‘n persepsie onder sommige inwoners bestaan dat ons, as belastingbetalers-vereniging, ‘n spesifieke sekerheids-maatskappy ondersteun.

Ek wil dit kategories stel dat ons nie enige maatskappy ondersteun tot die uitsluiting van ander nie. Ons sal te alle tye ‘n neutrale posisie handhaaf ten opsigte van die vier diensverskaffers en dit is die prerogatief van inwoners om volgens hulle eie oordeel ‘n maatskappy van hul keuse aan te stel.

Ek wil die waardering van die BBBV uitspreek vir die waardevolle werk wat die sekuriteits-maatskappye doen. Die skakeling en samewerking met BBBV buurtwag word waardeer.

Rudi Perold,
Voorsitter, Bettysbaai Belastingbetalers-vereniging.
01 Junie 2016

To all Members of Betty’s Bay Ratepayers Association, Other Residents and Plot holders /  Aan alle lede van die Bettysbaai Belastingbetalers-vereniging, Ander inwoners en eienaars.

(Afrikaans onder)

This is a follow-up to our letter of November 2015, when we informed you that we were going ahead to instruct Millennium Management (MM) to do a Macro Safety assessment of Betty’s Bay, in light of the overwhelming mandate received from property owners at a public meeting on Safety and Security.

Once again we would like to thank all property owners who made a financial contribution to enable us to solicit a survey of this magnitude, which also included aerial reconnaissance.

As Chairman I gave feedback on the proposal received for the service from MM, at the BBRA AGM, held in December 2015. Although a quorum was obtained, many of the members who attended the Safety and Security meeting were not present. The members present felt that the monthly cost of the entire project would be too high to sustain. A member residing permanently in Stellenbosch proposed that the possibility of forming a Special Rates Area (SRA) should be investigated in order to fund such a project. He reported that they have established such an area where he lives, which is very effective.