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It was pleasing to see the turnout for this meeting. This is an indication of the extent of concern of residents and property owners about the lack of visible policing in our area and SAPS failure to get a handle on the issue of property theft which has reached alarming proportions.

This situation is exacerbated by other factors such as the failure of residents and visitors to take the necessary precautions in protecting their property with effective security systems and ensuring that items such as laptops, cameras, flat screen TVs etc. are out of sight. Additionally those affected are not always prepared to report losses to the police and follow through by appearing in court when perpetrators are apprehended and charged.

We, and SAPS are aware of perpetrators in our midst, in surrounding suburbs as well as those from outside but the present justice system appears unable to effectively deal with this scourge.

An overview was given of the activities of Millennium Management, a risk management company, in assessing the risk, providing a management plan and their approach in implementing same.

The meeting felt, by an overwhelming majority, that the way forward was to employ this company to undertake the assessment and produce a plan to combat the present unacceptable criminal activities. These first two phases would have a cost element in which would have to be borne by the community. Those present were in agreement that this was the course to follow and most pledged to contribute towards these two phases.

Of course should we chose to employ the company to implement the plan there would be a substantial cost factor which would need to be carried by property owners. Provided all were prepared to participate the cost would not be too onerous taking into account the positive spin off such as preserving our life styles, increased property valuations and peace of mind in our village.

So that we can get the assessment and plan implemented donations should be made to the following account:

Betty's Bay Ratepayers Association
ABSA Hermanus
Cheque Account 4066616439

Please reference your deposit as “Your Surname followed by Security” for identification purposes so that such deposits will be ring fenced for the purposes intended.

We have already received some deposits for which we thank the donors and if you receive this E-Mail having already donated please ignore the request for funding.

Any funds received in excess of that required for the planning stage will be held over and utilised in the implementation stage.

Additionally if you are not already a member of the BBRA, please join. We currently have 381 members and are the largest such organisation in Overstrand. The more members we have the greater our “clout” with the authorities.

Download the membership application (PDF or XLS) and please fill it in and E-mail to the membership admin. The fee is R60-00 per person p.a. and can be deposited to the above bank account with reference “Your Surname & Erf Number”

Rudi Perold

Chairman – Bettys Bay Ratepayers Association