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Municipal Manager: Dean O’Neill
Tel: 028 313 8003 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Overstrand Municipality
Media Liaison & Social Media Officer
Riana Steenekamp
Tel: 028 313 8043 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

18 May 2021

Please assess your personal property fire risk by answering the following yes/no questions:

QUESTION 1. Is your property situated on a slope or subject to strong South-Easter winds?

If YES, beware that fire naturally moves up a slope and is more intense higher up or in wind.

QUESTION 2. Is your property close to a large, open and natural area?

If YES, create a fire break on your property, next to the fire risk area. However, it won’t stop the fire but provide fire fighters with better access.

QUESTION 3. Do you regularly remove all alien vegetation, dead wood and combustible material from your property?

If NO, then regularly remove all alien vegetation, dead wood and organic matter on your property.

QUESTION 4. Is your LP gas cylinders housed legally?

If NO, get advice from an LP gas stockist and revise your storage area accordingly.

QUESTION 5. Is your house wood-framed or thatched?

If YES, keep vegetation less than 20cm high around it.

QUESTION 6. Is your firewood and compost heap stored far away from your property?

If NO, create a 3m “clear zone” around your house.

QUESTION 7. Is your hosepipe accessible and does it reach right around your house?

If NO, get an extra tap or hosepipe. A rainwater storage tank and pump would be ideal.

QUESTION 8. Do you have any external electrical wiring hanging above trees or bushes?

If YES, please remove or cover in metal conduit.

QUESTION 9. Are fire hydrants easily accessible for fire-fighters?

If NO, please advise your Fire Wise Committee or Fire Chief.

QUESTION 10. Can a fire engine easily access your property right around?

If NO, clear and open your driveway for more access.

QUESTION 11. Do you/your neighbours ever burn garden waste?

If YES, any burning is illegal (unless with a permit).

QUESTION 12. Are all wooden decks or fences treated with fire-retardant?

If NO, visit a hardware store or speak to a paint specialist about fire-retardant treatment.

QUESTION 13. Are your roof trusses exposed under your eaves?

If YES, box in exposed roof beams with non-flammable material.

QUESTION 14. Do you/your neighbours ever braai without a hosepipe at hand and ready to use?

If NO, always have a hosepipe ready, as fire risk is very high in summer.


 CONTACT:  Municipal Manager: Dean O’Neill

 Tel: 028 313 8003 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Overstrand Municipality

 Media Liaison & Social Media Officer

 Riana Steenekamp

 Tel: 028 313 8043 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


31 March 2021

Crayfish seized in Kleinmond

A total of 14 suspected crayfish poachers were arrested for being in possession of 613 whole West Coast Rock Lobsters, 2 630 tails, 1 022 heads between Rooiels and the Kleinmond Harbour on 29 and 30 March 2021. The seized crayfish is worth an estimated street value of R103 054.

One poaching rubber duck and three ski boats (thought to be worth over R300 000) were also seized and cases of fishing or possession of crayfish, without a permit, and fishing or possession of under size west coast rock lobster were opened.

All confiscated goods were booked in with the Kleinmond Police.

The arrests followed a joint operation between CapeNature, DEFF and Overstrand Municipality's task team and rapid response unit.

According to the Assistant Chief of Law Enforcement and Task Team, Johan du Toit, Overstrand Municipality is assisting with visible patrols and regular policing to help prevent local boats from carrying out illegal activities at sea.

* Kindly note, the prevention of poaching is not a core competency of local government. The Overstrand Municipality's Task Team can only assist the relevant authorities responsible for the protection of marine resources (DEFF and CapeNature).

POACHING _ who to call

The Overstrand Municipality does not have the mandate to react to telephonic reports of suspected poachers in the water. The number to contact for any illegal poaching activities is DEFF Fisheries on 028 313 2703, CapeNature 0824530835 or SAPS Hermanus 028 313 5300, SAPS Kleinmond 028 271 8200, SAPS Gansbaai 028 384 0201 and SAPS Stanford 028 341 0601.

Download the Document
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  • (Pdf) press_release_crayfish_seized_in_kleinmond

This is an invitation to all BBRA Members to attend an open meeting on 16 March 2021 at 18H00 in Crassula Hall, Betty's Bay.

This is the quarterly meeting held by Overstrand Municipality where you can update yourselves and pose questions relevant to matters which perturb you.

Remember that Covid-19 protocols will be followed for all those attending the meeting.

Adrian de Kock Secretary/Treasurer BBRA

Three press releases from the Municipality concerning Recycling
  1. The future of overstrand waste recycling being reviewed (English)
  2. Hoe gemaak met herwinbare afval tot tyd en wyl… (Afrikaans)
  3. What to do in the interim (English)

Please note that the small recycling plant in Hermanus only accepts sorted material i.e. glass. tin, paper, cardboard & plastic and not mixed recycling.


This article displays scans of the four-page document regarding signs and advertisments from the Overstrand Municipality.