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Overstrand Municipality

Three press releases from the Municipality concerning Recycling
  1. The future of overstrand waste recycling being reviewed (English)
  2. Hoe gemaak met herwinbare afval tot tyd en wyl… (Afrikaans)
  3. What to do in the interim (English)

Please note that the small recycling plant in Hermanus only accepts sorted material i.e. glass. tin, paper, cardboard & plastic and not mixed recycling.


This article displays scans of the four-page document regarding signs and advertisments from the Overstrand Municipality.

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The Overstrand Municipality will issue fines of R500-00 to Betty's Bay households who are not using "baboon proof bins" when placing their refuse out for collection.

[This is being taken from a notice and archived as an article so that it can be found in a search. June 2018—Ed]

Ratepayers should take note and suggest changes, if any. This topic is of importance due to the current plot clearing policy.

Here are the two important PDF documents:

  1. Municipal Notice
  2. Draft Clearance Policy

Rudi Perold