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A fishing vessel from Hout Bay washed up onto the rocks at Sunny Seas early hours of yesterday morning. 7 crew members managed to reach safety but unfortunately the Captain of the vessel was fatally injured. A diesel oil spill from the vessel is being monitored by the appropriate authorities as it could become a serious threat to the penguin colony at Stony Point. The Stony Point Colony has been temporarily closed to the public until further notice. Rescue teams from SANCCOB and Cape Nature are on standby at Stony Point to assist with seabird and animal rescue and to observe for any diesel contamination. Authorities have been working around the clock with clean up operations.

Last evening 5 hikers had to be rescued by helicopter from a Kogelberg Mountain hiking trail. A chopper flew in rescue crew to assist in rescuing the hikers, one was treated for dehydration.

BBRA has been busy with the preparation of refreshments and food for all the operational teams.

A special word of thanks and appreciation to Dougie of Centre Shop for his generous donations. Also a special word of thanks to all those involved, far too many to mention, in these operations. Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated.

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