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The process of replacing old water pipes began in 2007 and up to now there have been five phases spread over six years in this exercise. The budget for these previous phases was R40 million.
Overstrand has a total of approximately 800 KM of pipes to replace and up to now 56 KM have been completed. As can be seen from these figures this is a long process and will take many years to complete.
The sixth phase is spread over three years and is budgeted at R32 million.
The process in determining the order of replacement looks at many factors one of which in our case is the number of pipe breaks.

Taking this into account Bettys Bay has been allocated in this next phase just under 3.1 KM for replacement.
The sixth phase in replacing water pipes in Bettys Bay will begin shortly and is expected to be completed at about the end of July 2014.
The targeted roads or parts of roads which will be included in this phase are as follows:

  • Lachenalia
  • Agapanthus
  • Crassula
  • Lakeside Road
  • Disa Circle
  • Crossing Clarence Drive
  • Porter
  • Clarence Drive (Opposite Harold Porter)
  • Marine

The process will be carried out in an orderly fashion and will entail open trenches and “pipe cracking” where warranted. In the latter case holes will obviously be dug at points where households are connected to the pipeline. During this exercise temporary lines will be installed to ensure continued supply to houses. These pipes are obviously of a smaller diameter and dependant on usage could result in reduced water pressure.
The above installation is necessary due to the continued pipe breaks in our village. Just as an example last December nineteen breaks were recorded.
Adrian de Kock – Vice-Chairman & Treasurer BBRA