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The Bettys Bay Ratepayers Association intercedes on behalf of members with various authorities in respect of matters which affect residents/property owners in our town.
In order to give us “clout” we need to represent as many residents/property owners as possible. At the moment we have 370 paid up members and are the largest ratepayers association in the Overstrand area.
It is imperative that we increase our membership to give us more say in matters which affect us all. To this end we urge you to either join us or if you are already a member to encourage others to sign up.
It has been our position in the past to disseminate local information to a broad base of residents by E-Mail whether they are members or not but in the future we will confine this spread of information to members only. There seems to be an impression out there that all property owners who pay rates to the Overstrand Municipality are automatically members but this is not so. To become a member we require the following information:
- Title
- Name/s
- Erf number/s
- Contact details i.e. postal address, telephone number/s and most important E-mail address
- Name in which the property is registered
This information can be E-Mailed to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As far as the fee goes this can be deposited to our account as follows:
Bettys Bay Ratepayers Association
ABSA Hermanus
Branch Code 632005
Cheque Account 4066616439
In the reference field of your deposit please quote your surname and erf number for identification purposes.
To avoid unnecessary bank fees please make payment in the following ways in the order stated either:
1) By EFT payment to our bank account
2) By posting a cheque to us at P.O. Box 48, Bettys Bay 7141
3) By depositing cash to our bank account
Please do not deposit cheques direct to our account as the bank charges are horrendous. As these charges are per deposit and not per cheque we bulk deposit cheques forwarded to us by post and therefore save considerably in this manner.
Our financial year ends on 31 October 2014 and therefore the annual fee of R60-00 per person becomes payable on 1 November 2014. In terms of our constitution your fee is payable by 31 January 2015 at the latest to avoid termination of your membership.
Lastly we would like to state that the elected committee which serves your association does this on a volunteer basis and receives no remuneration for this service which takes up considerable personal time. To this end we need to broaden our committee base so as to address all the areas needing attention in our village in order that they are actioned and thus reduce the work load of those currently serving on the committee. So help us to help you by contacting us if you are willing to become involved in local affairs.
Adrian de Kock
Vice-Chairman & Treasurer BBRA