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From the Wits University planetarium newsletter — September Eclipses

There is a partial eclipse of the sun on 13 September from 6:40am to 11:05am (depending where you are), with the maximum at 8:54am. The table below gives the percentage that the moon will obstruct the sun.

UPDATE: Here's a photograph by the author of the 13th September partial, taken through welding goggles.

Partial eclipse in Betty's Bay 2015

PLEASE make use of proper eye protection. Eclipse glasses are available from the Planetarium at R6 each, excluding shipping.

Town Obstruction
Bloemfontein 20.7%
Cape Town 30.4%
Durban 21.1%
East London 27.5%
Johannesburg  15.2%
Nelspruit 13.5%

Data obtained from HMNAO [http://astro.ukho.gov.uk/eclipse/0322015/]

On 28 September there will be a total eclipse of the moon. The eclipse starts from 2:09am – 7:23am and will be visible in South Africa, but the eclipse will end for us as the moon sets before the end of the eclipse.