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Penny Palmer, who is well known in Betty's Bay and Kleinmond, has moved from Betty's Bay to a retirement home in Pinelands. The Clareinch home is for members of the nursing profession, the profession in which Penny served rising to the position of senior matron.

After retiring to Kleimond and later to Betty's Bay, Penny became deeply involved in conservation; she was secretary to Kobio, an active hacker (and chainsaw wielder), enthusiastic in the establishment of the penguin colony at Betty's Bay and an author of numerous articles in that field. Her most recent article “Botanising on the Dunes of Betty's Bay” published in the December 2013 issue of Veld & Flora won her the Botanical Society's annual award for the best article by an amateur botanist.

It was with great sadness when earlier this year a group of her friends discovered that Penny was no longer able to live alone. Firstly Chris & Judy New and then Peter & Merrilee Berrisford took Penny into their homes: while Merrilee explored numerous possible permanent homes for her, Peter coped with Penny's financial affairs and Judy attended to the immediate medical concerns. Another group dealt with more mundane matters. Altogether a fine example of a caring community working together for another.

We wish Penny a happy retirement.