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  • The BBRA is the representative body for its members who have a vested interest in the future of our village.
  • The BBRA takes up issues on behalf of its members.
  • Although the Association has no direct power, the Association monitors and addressed issues on behalf of the village.
  • The BBRA has a voice, through an official representative, on the Ward Committee.
  • The BBRA attends meetings of other interested groups so that our collective efforts towards a particular goal are coordinated.
  • A free copy of the Buzz is available at various outlets every month! We do however appreciate donations towards the printing costs, thank you to those who make a donation when collecting their Buzz.
  • To combat growing crime in your neighbourhood, the BBRA has been proactive is assisting the Police in establishing a Neighbourhood Watch. The objective is to create a safe environment to protect your families and your property and to encourage the community to work together to fight crime! The BBRA is also represented on the Community Policing Forum.
  • The BBRA together with the Overstrand Fire Department have successfully established our own Community Voluntary Fire Fighting Team. By joining the BBRA you can help us to give these volunteers the support and equipment they need to keep our village safe in time of serious fires.
  • The BBRA has also established their own website, http://www.bettysbay.info/ allowing us to keep in touch with our members on a daily basis and for the dissemination of important information.
  • A database had also been created, so that we can contact our members in a case of emergency.
  • Membership is not restricted to property owners only! Please support us by joining the BBRA.