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Saturday 17 December 2016 10H00 Crassula Hall

As indicated at our last AGM certain changes to our constitution are envisaged. In terms of the current constitution a quorum of 50 members is required at the AGM to make any changes to our constitution. Please therefore make every effort to attend so that we can validate these changes.

 For those members needing to leave the AGM early we will bring forward the matter of proposed changes to the constitution to cater for this eventuality.

Attached are the following documents:
  1. AGM notification and agenda. (Docx or PDF)
  2. Minutes of the AGM of 2015. AGM Minutes (docx) (PDF)
  3. Financial statement as at 31 October 2016. Spread sheet(xls) or a PDF
  4. Proposed changes to the constitution: Docx or PDF

At the AGM the BBRA Committee members for the forthcoming year are elected and too this end we require additional new blood due to the number of portfolios which we manage as well as due to the fact that certain positions need to be filled and we are urgently in need of a Secretary.

Should you wish to add any other items to the agenda other than those listed you are reminded that such items must be advised to the Secretary in writing at least 7 days prior to the AGM.

See you there.

Adrian de Kock Secretary/Treasurer BBRA
Cell: 082 940 4619