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Dear member/Beste lid

Here is your latest newsletter full of news and information. Enjoy the read!
Hiermee die jongste nuusbrief van jou Vereniging - propvol nuus en wetenswaardighede. Lekker lees!

(Afrikaans hier)

Comments on our newsletters are appreciated and also ensure that we address your needs. Bring any service delivery or other problems concerning our area to our attention by sending an email to Karon Scholefield at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with copies to Adrian de Kock at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and to Werner Zybrands at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fire related Water consumption

The request that the Municipality assists residents who used additional water to fight the fire or to save badly damaged gardens was turned down by the Municipality. This was an opportunity for the Municipality to show true empathy for the fire victims by just allocating a nominal amount. As reason the Municipality argued that the expenditure incurred by residents was not directly related to municipal service delivery!

The fact that most of the damages suffered were the result of non-delivery by the Municipality was apparently either ignored or not considered. Examples include the almost total absence of fire hydrants in the Sunny Seas area, the failure to issue a timeous fire threat warning and the failure to have overgrown erven (including those of the Municipality) cleared.

Consumers who can prove that they had a higher consumption as a direct result of actively fighting the fire on 11 January may submit an application for assistance.

Plot clearing policy

It was previously reported that the Municipality is reviewing this policy and that the BBRA made significant adjustment proposals.

The workshop for all role players who made inputs took place on 10 September and the proposals made by the BBRA representatives were, to a large extent, included in the draft policy. It is expected that this policy will be finalised in October and adopted by November. Some of our concerns which have been incorporated include the guidelines and standards for clearing an erf so that the natural environment and natural character of Betty’s Bay are not harmed. The cleaning instruction can now also be questioned prior to any appeal process.

The need to reduce the fire load on vacant erven and to have controlled block burns was also recognised.

Once the draft policy has been finalised a summary will appear in our newsletter and a link to our website provided.

Neighbourhood Watch, safety and security

In our previous newsletter it was mentioned that by using modern technology such as strategically placed high definition cameras monitored on a 24 basis with support from the SAPD’s own existing camera system, a more effective crime prevention system can be achieved. A small task team of the BBRA is investigating this matter and has already had a first meeting. A meeting with the Municipality’s director for public protection and law enforcement as well as a representative from the SAPD is envisaged. We will also meet with the committee in Kleinmond researching the same matter and liaise with the security service providers.

Further developments will be reported in the newsletter and at the annual general meeting.

Upliftment Centre on erf 3054

In spite of delaying tactics by the owners this matter is still being followed up.

Upgrading of water reticulation

In our previous newsletter it was reported that most of the major problem areas in Betty’s Bay are being addressed by the replacement of badly eroded pipes and/or the upgrading of pipes of a larger diameter. More fire hydrants are also being provided. This is a multi-million Rand project spread over a few years.

In spite of previous requests the main line in Sunny Seas is not now being upgraded and it will thus remain without any fire hydrants. This “oversight” of the need will again be brought to the Municipality’s attention.

The need to replace all small diameter asbestos cement pipes that are in a poor condition was again brought to the Municipality’s attention.

Baboon Management

After extensive negotiations over many years the Western Cape government and Overstrand municipality reached an agreement on the future management of baboons. Based on this the Municipality provided about R2,5m on its budget but which funds were only allocated to Hermanus and Pringle Bay. The BBRA immediately made representations that we also be allocated a portion of the funds and the outcome thereof is still awaited.

In the interim residents are advised to only use baboon proof bins with a proper lock mechanism. Failure to do so could lead to a hefty fine. The main advantage is that it will prevent baboons entering residential areas in search of food and thus conflict between humans and animals can be avoided.

Undeveloped State and municipal erven

A large portion of Betty’s Bay consists of undeveloped state and municipal erven. Uncertainty regarding the future development thereof and the neglected condition of most of these erven prompted the BBRA to establish a small task team to take this up with the relevant authorities and the first meeting was very positive.

Coastal footpaths

Although there are a number of existing coastal footpaths in Betty’s Bay they are not all interlinked and some are neglected. It is well known that proper footpaths are of great benefit to residents, visitors and tourists. The cliff path in Hermanus is an excellent example and the Kleinmond one also attracts a lot of feet.

A small task team consisting of BBRA members, hiking club members and environmental specialists has been appointed to determine the viability of linked footpaths and will soon commence with its study. A provisional study has confirmed the potential but also that there might be many practical problems.

Readers who are interested in this study are invited to offer their services as we welcome all constructive support.

Commercial and community nodes

Most villages or communities have a focal point where community facilities and commercial activities are brought together. It promotes social interaction and residents get to know one another. It promotes a sense of communal belonging and our neighbouring town Pringle Bay is an excellent example.

Unfortunately Betty’s bay lacks such a community node. Contributing factors include being compressed between the ocean and mountains, the R44 separating the mountain side from the sea side and having two existing nodal areas - the one being near the Harold Porter Botanic garden and the other in Porter Avenue. The latter is the biggest and has the most developments which include a library, post office, community hall, the only filling station, a number of shops, offices and restaurants. Unfortunately these are not integrated and cohesive developments and appear to be haphazardly lumped together in a disjointed manner. Ingress and egress points underscore the lack of cohesion. There is very little that will attract a passing motorist to stop and spend time and money.

To a certain extent the same applies to the Penguin Café node where the many vacant erven prevents it being experienced as a cohesive development.

There are a number of vacant business erven of varying sizes that are currently being marketed. If sold and developed it might exacerbate the current situation.

The BBRA appointed a small committee to investigate the future growth and development of Betty’s Bay with the municipal town planner, property owners and other interested parties such as tenants and to report back to the community on its findings.

Any person interested in this study or who wishes to participate is invited to contact Werner Zybrands at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Karon Scholefield at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Street name signs on Clarence Avenue (R44)

The BBRA’s request for pole mounted reflective street name signs at some important access points on the R44 was approved by the Municipality and is expected to be completed by end November.

The BBRA thanked the Municipality accordingly.

Expenditure of ward funds

One of our committee members, Hilda van der Merwe, addressed a number of questions relating to this topic to Fanie Krige the ward councillor. The questions and answers are attached.

Renewal of Membership

Your membership is new up for renewal at a nominal amount of R75,00 per person per year. Please renew as soon as possible!

While reading this newsletter it must have become clear that the committee members are working very hard – without any remuneration and with a lot of personal sacrifices. This has to be done because we believe that Betty’s Bay is not always getting its fair share of municipal income.

Please encourage your friends and neighbours to join and strengthen our numbers and voice.

Due to our numbers and active participation we are already experiencing that the Municipality and other organs of state are listening and positively reacting to our requests.

Application forms can be found on our website www.bettysbay.info

Annual General Meeting

Our AGM will be held on Saturday 14 December 2019 in the Crassula Hall. Please enter the date in your diary and be part of your association’s activities by having your say.


Baboon proof bins on public spaces: where and when will these bins be replaced?

It is estimated that with the available funds on this year’s budget seven baboon proof bins will be procured. Replacement of swing bins will start from Sunny Seas, where two bins were lost during the fire, followed by Jock’s Bay, Main Beach parking area, Die Been beach, Draadbaai and Silver Sands. The procurement process already begun and it is expected that the new drums will be installed when the summer holiday season starts.

Street Name Boards Project: it has already begun, but when will it be completed. Which department will look after regular maintenance?

The first phase of this project was to place reflective names on concrete blocks at intersections with Clarence Drive in Sunny Seas. These blocks will be replaced by street name boards on poles at these intersections. The procurement process is well advanced, and it is hoped that installation will start at the end of October. The Operational Department is responsible for maintenance.

Mooiuitsig Community Hall and kitchen facilities: who is responsible for maintenance? What amount has been spent on what facilities?

The Mooiuitsig Community Hall is one of the municipal halls administrated by the Area Manager’s Office and the responsible officer is Dencil Arendse. Costs of the project (to enlarge the kitchen, to create a foyer and to increase the toilets) amount to R342 000 in terms of the building materials that had to be procured as well as the labour of the municipal workers that did the work. Using municipal labour helped to stretch the budget – only R200 000 was provided on the Ward Specific Budget - but also caused long delays and frustration because the municipal labour could only be used when it was available in-between the normal municipal work programme. In future only external contractors will be used for such projects.

Funding for the installation of kitchen cupboards only became available at a late stage of the budgeting process when additional funding was provided for storm water drainage projects. Only after the approval of the Adjustments Budget in February next year the funding will be available, but the procurement process will be followed as far as possible in mean time. Important repair work to the roof, ceiling and floor, that was recently reported by the community, will be conducted as soon as the procurement processes have been completed.

Drop-off facility for weekenders refuse: Where? Any supervision? 24 Hour Control?

The drop-off facility for weekenders’ refuse is currently at the Betty’s Bay Library, where there is supervision during normal working hours. A 24-hour system is unfortunately not feasible. Proposals for the relocation of this site is currently being investigated.

Play Park Equipment: What about Mooiuitsig?

Mooiuitsig received new play park equipment two years ago.

 Dust Control Projects: How much have been allocated for Betty’s Bay? When and by whom will it be done?

An amount of R1 million has been provided on the 2019/2020 Budget for dust control projects in Betty’s Bay and Pringle Bay. In Betty’s Bay Park Road and a section of Wheeler Road have been identified. Information regarding the timing and the contractor for the project is not available at this stage.

Storm Water Drainage Projects of R2,5 million: Is Betty’s Bay benefitting from that? Who is the contractor? Is there an engineer involved? Which streets and areas have been identified for the projects? Has a plan been submitted and how will it be maintained?

Three of the four projects that will be undertaken from this allocation, are in Betty’s Bay and one in Pringle Bay. Storm water problem areas in Oyster Road, Gladiolus Road and Adenandra Road will be addressed. IX Engineers is responsible for planning and executing the projects. Overstrand Municipalities normal maintenance programme is applicable, meaning that the systems will be cleaned twice a year.

Road Reserves: Is the clearing done according to NEMA legislation? Did the workers receive training regarding indigenous vegetation and alien invasive plants?

The National Environmental Management Act is not applicable within urban areas, except for declared green zones which are not affected by the clearing of road reserves.

Taking care of toilet blocks as part of the Dune Management Project: What does that entail? Who will supervise cleaning and repairs? How often will it be cleaned? How regular will feedback be given and to whom?

The plan to use members of the Working for The Coast Team to look after the toilet blocks at the beaches as well, unfortunately did not work out because fewer people were employed as in the past. Other options are now being investigated. In mean time the normal maintenance programme is followed, which is that outside season the toilet facilities are cleaned once a week while seasonal workers are employed during the summer holiday period to look after the facilities on a full-time basis.

General Remarks:

It is important for me that the BBRPA get more clarity on how much is spend on our town. Feedback must be given on when projects begin and when they end.

Feedback on projects is a standing item on the Ward Committee Agenda. Betty’s Bay Ratepayers Association has a representative on the ward committee. Further, there are at least four public feedback meetings where residents and ratepayers can ask questions themselves.

 A concerning issue that is requiring penetrating attention, is the informal settlement of Overhills. According to my information there are 700 structures, where there should only be 120 and more are still going up. I understand that those who do not have electricity are going to insist on it. If more services and facilities are provided, who is going to pay for that? Or is the ratepayers’ money going to be used for that and less be available to our town?

Urbanisation is unfortunately a modern phenomenon that is not isolated to any one area but occur nationally and internationally where migrants see economic opportunities, sometimes even illegal as we can observe with the stripping of marine resources in our area. Overstrand Municipality is continuously busy improving its processes to manage urbanization. Services and facilities must be provided in informal settlements according to legal requirements. The funds being used for that come from the Equitable Share which is annually allocated to the municipality by the National Treasury.

Can abovementioned aspects be discussed, and can the answers be published in the Ratepayers’ Association’s Newsletter so that ratepayers can take note and give input?

Participative decision-taking is one of the objects given by the Constitution for Local Government and probably the main reason why ward committees have been provided for as a statutory body. Input is welcome and can be channeled through the Betty’s Bay Ratepayers’ Association representative on the ward committee.

Terugvoer op ons nuusbriewe sal verseker dat ons die werklike behoeftes van die gemeenskap aanspreek. Doen dit gerus en bring enige dienslewerings- of ander probleme onder die aandag van Karon Scholefield by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. met ‘n afskrif aan Adrian de Kock by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of aan Werner Zybrands by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Brandverwante Waterverbruik

Die versoek aan die Munisipaliteit om eienaars wat bykomstige water verbruik het om die skade aan hul tuine te herstel en die nagevolge van die brand te oorkom, is ongelukkig afgekeur. Dit was ‘n gulde geleentheid vir die Munisipaliteit om op tasbare wyse en teen werklike nominale koste opregte empatie met die brandslagoffers te betoon. As rede is aangevoer dat die uitgawes wat eienaars aangegaan het nie direk verwant is aan munisipale dienslewering nie.

Die feit dat baie van die skade wat gely is as gevolg van nie-dienslewering deur die Munisipaliteit byvoorbeeld die bykans totale afwesigheid van brandkrane in die Sunny Seasgebied, die versuim om inwoners betyds van die gevaar te waarsku en die versuim om oorgroeide erwe (insluitend munisipale eiendom) te laat skoonmaak, is skynbaar òf nie oorweeg nie òf ge-ignoreer.

Inwoners wat kan bewys dat hul ‘n verhoogde waterverbruik gehad omdat hul op 11 Januarie aktief die brand bestry het, kan wel om ‘n tegemoetkoming aansoek doen.

Beleid vir skoonmaak van erwe

Daar is voorheen berig dat die Munisipaliteit tans hierdie beleid hersien en die BBBV het reeds omvangryke voorstelle ter verbetering gemaak het.

Die werkswinkel met al die rolspelers wat insette op die konsepbeleid gelewer het, het op 10 September plaasgevind en die BBBV verteenwoordigers se voorstelle is met instemming van die munisipale verteenwoordigers grootliks in die beleid opgeneem. Die konsepbeleid sal waarskynlik in Oktober deur die Raad gefinaliseer word.

Van die belangrikste aspekte waaroor die BBBV bekommerd was, naamlik die riglyne en standaarde vir die skoonmaak van erwe sodat die karakter en natuurlike omgewing nie geskend word nie en die wyse waarop ‘n skoonmaakopdrag bevraagteken kan word, is nou deel van die beleid. Daar was ook begrip daarvoor dat dit noodsaaklik is om wel brandgevare op leë erwe te verminder en op beheerde wyse blokbrande te doen.

Nadat die beleid gefinaliseer is, sal ‘n opsomming daarvan in ons nuusbrief verskyn en ‘n skakel na ons webtuiste voorsien word.

Buurtwag, veiligheid en sekuriteit

In die vorige uitgawe van ons nuusbrief is daarna verwys dat deur moderne tegnologie, soos hoë definisie-kameras, wat strategies geplaas en 24 uur per dag gemonitor word met rugsteuning van die SAPD se eie bestaande kamerastelsel, ‘n meer doeltreffende misdaadvoorkomingsdiens gelewer kan word. ‘n Klein taakspan van die BBBV is aangestel om hierdie aspek verder te ondersoek en het reeds vergader. Daar sal ook binnekort met die munisipale direkteur verantwoordelik vir openbare beskerming en wetstoepassing, en hopelik ook ‘n verteenwoordiger van die SAPD, vergader word. Daar sal ook met die komitee wat ‘n soortgelyke inisiatief in Kleinmond dryf en die bestaande sekuriteitsfirma’s, geskakel word.

Verdere verwikkelinge sal in hierdie nuusbrief en ook tydens die algemene jaarvergadering oor verslag gedoen word.

Die “Upliftment Centre” op erf 3054

Die BBBV volg, ten spyte van vertragingsaksies deur die eienaars, steeds die saak op.

Opgradering van die Waternetwerk

In ons vorige nuusbrief is verslag gedoen dat met die kontrak vir die opgradering van die waternetwerk die meeste van die probleemgebiede in Bettysbaai aandag sal geniet deur byvoorbeeld pypvervanging en/of die opgradering na pype met ‘n groter deursnee. Meer brandkrane sal ook aangebring word.

Ten spyte van herhaalde versoeke daartoe word die hooflyn deur Sunny Seas nie verbeter nie en sal dit dus steeds grootliks sonder brandkrane moet bly. Hierdie leemte of “oorsig” is weer eens onder die Munisipaliteit se aandag gebring.

Die noodsaaklikheid om veral klein deursnee asbessementpype wat meesal in ‘n swak toestand is, is weer deur die BBBV onder die aandag van die Munisipaliteit gebring.

Bestuur van Bobbejane

Na jarelange onderhandelinge het die Wes-Kaapse regering en die Overstrand Munisipaliteit ‘n ooreenkoms oor die toekomstige bestuur van bobbejane aangegaan. Op grond hiervan het die Munisipaliteit ongeveer R2,5m vir hierdie doel begroot. Die fondse is egter slegs aan Hermanus en Pringlebaai toegewys. Die BBBV het dadelik ‘n beroep op die Munisipaliteit gedoen om ‘n deel daarvan aan Bettysbaai toe te wys. Die uitkoms van hierdie vertoë word nog afgewag.

Inmiddels word inwoners aangeraai om slegs bobbejaanbestande vullishouers met ‘n behoorlike slotmeganisme te gebruik. Versuim om dit te doen, kan op ‘n stewige boete uitloop. Die grootste waarde lê egter daarin om te keer dat bobbejane woongebiede op soek na kos binnekom en dit tot onnodige konflik tussen mens en dier lei.

Onontwikkelde Staats- en munisipale erwe

Groot dele van Bettysbaai bestaan uit ontontwikkelde staats- en munisipale erwe. Onsekerheid oor die toekomstige gebruik daarvan asook die oënskynlike verwaarlosing daarvan het die BBBV genoop om dit met die Munisipaliteit op te volg. Die eerste gesprek was baie positief en ‘n klein taakspan van die BBBV sal dit nou met die Munisipaliteit opvolg.


Daar is heelwat bestaande kuswandelpaaie in Bettysbaai, maar dis nie aaneenlopend nie en in bepaalde dele erg verwaarloos. Die waarde van so ‘n kuswandelpad vir inwoners, besoekers en toeriste is welbekend met die een in Hermanus wat as ‘n puik voorbeeld dien. Ook die Kleinmond kuswandelpad lok baie voete.

Om die potensiaal van so ‘n plaaslike voetpad verder te ondersoek en ontsluit, is ‘n groepie bestaande uit BBBV komiteelede, stapklublede en omgewingskundiges betrek wat eersdaags met hul ondersoek sal begin. Voorlopige ondersoeke toon dat daar enersyds groot potensiaal is, maar dat daar ook heelwat praktiese probleme sal wees.

Lesers wat in hierdie projek belangstel, word uitgenooi om met die BBBV kontak te maak. Enige hulp en konstruktiewe bydraes sal waardeer word.

Kommersiële en gemeenskapsentrum

Die meeste dorpies of gemeenskappe het ‘n fokuspunt waar die gemeenskapsgeriewe en kommersiele aktiwiteite ‘n eenheid vorm. Dit bring ook mee dat inwoners daar sosiaal verkeer en mekaar beter leer ken. Dit bevorder ‘n gemeenskapsgevoel. Dit is veral in ons buurdorp Pringlebaai duidelik waarneembaar.

Ongelukkig gaan Bettysbaai mank aan so n gerief. Benewens die feit dat Bettysbaai tussen berg en see vasgevang is, skei die R44 boonop die see- en berggedeeltes van mekaar. Hierbenewens is daar twee bestaande nodusse, naamlik die een naby die Harold Porter Botaniese Tuin en die ander by Porterlaan. Laasgenoemde is die grootste en die sterkste ontwikkel. Dit bestaan uit ‘n veelvoud van geriewe bv die poskantoor, biblioteek, gemeenskapsaal, die enigste vulstasie en ‘n aantal winkels, kantore en restourante. Daar is ongelukkig nie veel wat dit bind nie en gee dit ‘n losstaande en oppervlakkig saamgflanste gevoel. Die toegange en uitgange gee ‘n verdere verbrokkelde gevoel. Daar is niks wat verbygangers sal trek om tyd (en geld) daar te spandeer nie. Dieselfde geld tot ‘n sekere mate by die Penguinkafeenodus waar ‘n groot deel van die nodus uit kaal erwe bestaan.

Daar is verskeie erwe van wisselende grootte in Bettysbaai wat oor besigheids- regte beskik en waarvan die meeste tans in die mark is. Indien van hul verkoop en ontwikkel word, sal dit die huidige stand van sake vererger.

Omdat dit nodig is om sinvol na die toekomstige groei en ontwikkeling van Bettysbaai te kyk, het die BBBV ‘n paar komiteelede aangewys om hieroor met die munisipale Stadsbeplanner, eiendomseienaars en ander belanghebbendes soos huurders te gesels en ‘n ondersoek te doen en daaroor aan die gemeenskap verslag te doen.

Enigiemand wat kommentaar wil lewer of betrokke wil raak, word uitgenooi om Werner Zybrands by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of Karon Scholefield by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. te kontak.

Straatnaamtekens op Clarencerylaan (R44)

Die versoek dat weerkaatsende straatnaamtekens op pale by belangrike aansluitings op Clarencerylaan aangebring word, is goedgekeur en na verwagting sal dit teen November voltooi wees.

Die BBBV het sy waardering teenoor die Munisipaliteit betuig.

Besteding van wyksfondse

Een van ons komiteelede, Hilda van der Merwe, het ‘n hele aantal vrae in hierdie verband aan ons wyksraadslid, Fanie Krige, gerig.

Die vrae en sy antwoorde verskyn as ‘n bylae tot hierdie brief en is ook op ons webtuiste te sien.

Hernuwing van Lidmaatskap

Jou lidmaatskap moet eersdaags teen ‘n nominale bedrag van R75,00 per persoon per jaar hernu word. Doen dit asseblief!

Met die lees van hierdie nuusbrief is dit duidelik dat die komiteelede (sonder enige vergoeding en dikwels met groot persoonlike opofferinge!) baie hard werk. Ook dat Bettysbaai nie altyd die aandag en omgee van die Munisipaliteit ontvang waarop ons as belastingbetalers geregtig is nie.

Moedig asb vriende en bure aan om by ons aan te sluit en sodoende ons getalle en stem te versterk.Aansoekvorms kan op ons webtuiste www.bettysbay.info gevind word.

Algemene Jaarvergadering (AJV)

Die AJV sal op Saterdag 14 Desember 2019 in die Crassulasaal gehou word. Teken solank die datum aan en kom lug jou mening.


Bobbejaanbestande asblikke: waar en wanneer gaan die blikke vervang word?

Met die beskikbare fondse op vanjaar se begroting sal daar waarskynlik sewe bobbejaanbestande asblikke aangekoop word. Die vervanging van swaaidromme sal vanaf Sunny Seas begin, waar daar twee in die brand vernietig is, en ook Jocksbaai, die Hoofstrand-parkeerarea, die Been, en twee by Silver Sands insluit. Die aankoopproses het reeds begin en na verwagting sal die nuwe dromme met die aanvang van die somervakansie in Desember geinstalleer wees.

Straatnameprojek: reeds begin, maar wanneer word dit voltooi? Gereelde instandhouding deur watter departement?

Die projek het reeds ‘n aanvang geneem met die aanbring van reflekterende straatnaamborde op die straathoeke in Sunny Seas. Dit sal met straatnaamborde op pale by kruisings met Clarence-rylaan vervang word. Ook ten opsigte hiervan is die aankoopproses reeds begin en sal installering einde Oktober ‘n aanvang neem.

Mooiuitsigsaal en kombuisgeriewe: wie is verantwoordelik vir instandhouding? Bedrag gespandeer en watter soort geriewe?

Mooiuitsig se gemeenskapsaal is een van die munisipale sale wat vanuit die Areabestuurder se kantoor geadministreer word en tans is die verantwoordelike amptenaar Dencil Arendse. Die projek het reeds R342 000 gekos in terme van die materiale wat aangekoop is en die arbeid van die munisipale werkers wat die werk moes doen. Hoewel die beskikbare fondse (R200 000 op die wykspesifieke begroting) met hierdie werkwyse gerek kon word, het die feit dat die werk slegs gedoen kon word wanneer arbeid beskikbaar was tot groot frustrasie en vertragings gelei. Voortaan sal daar van kontrakteurs gebruik gemaak word om sulke projekte uit te voer. Fondse vir die installering van die kombuiskaste het eers in ‘n laat stadium beskikbaar geraak toe bykomende fondse vir stormwaterprojekte in die wyk toegeken is. Die geld sal eers met die aanpassingsbegroting in Februarie 2020 hertoegewys word, maar daar sal intussen voortgegaan word met die verkryging van kwotasies om implementering te versnel. Belangrike herstelwerk aan die dak, plafon en vloere wat onlangs deur die gemeenskap aangemeld is, sal eersdaags in aanvang neem na afhandeling van die verkrygingsprosesse.

Aflaaipunt vir vullis van naweekgangers: Waar? Enige toesig? 24 Uur beheer?

Tans is die aflaaipunt vir naweekgangers se vullis by die Bettysbaai-biblioteek waar daar gedurende werksure toesig is. ‘n Vier-en-twintiguurbeheerstelsel is ongelukkig nie haalbaar nie. Voorstelle dat die aflaaipunt na die tuinafvalarea verskuif word, word tans ondersoek.

Speelparktoerusting: wat van Mooiuitsig?

Mooiuitsig het twee jaar gelede nuwe speelparktoerusting ontvang.

Stofbekamping: Hoeveel vir Bettysbaai geallokeer. Tydvak? Deur wie gedoen?

‘n Bedrag van altesame R1 miljoen is in 2019/2020 vir stofbekampingsprojekte in die Hangklip-dorpe voorsien. In Bettysbaai is Park- en ‘n gedeelte van Wheeler-weg daarvoor geïdentifiseer.

Stormwaterdreineringsprojekte van R2,5 m: Vind Bettysbaai daarby baat? Wie is die kontrakteur? Is daar ‘n ingenieur betrokke? Watter strate en in watter areas gaan dit gedoen word? Is daar ‘n plan ingedien en hoe gaan dit in stand gehou word?

Drie van die vier projekte wat uit hierdie toekenning gedoen gaan word, is in Bettysbaai en een in Pringlebaai. Die stormwaterprobleme in Oyster-, Gladiolus- en Adenandraweg gaan met hierdie toekenning aandag kry. Die Ingenieursfirma wat betrokke is by die beplanning en uitvoering is IX Engineers. Die normale instandhoudingsprogram vir Overstrand sal van toepassing wees, naamlik dat die stelsels twee keer per jaar skoongemaak word.

Straatreserwes: word dit volgens NEMA-wetgewing gedoen? Is die persone opgelei in inheemse plantegroei en indringerplante?

Die Wet op Nasionale Omgewingsbestuur is nie van toepassing in dorpsgebiede nie, buiten op verklaarde groenstroke wat nie deur die skoonmaak van straatreserwes geaffekteer word nie.

Duinebestuursprojek: omsien na ablusiegeriewe: Wat behels dit? Skoonmaak en herstel – wie gaan die hooftoesighouer wees? Hoe gereeld word dit skoongemaak? Hoe dikwels word terugvoering gegee en aan wie?

Die plan om lede van die Working for the Coast-span vir die versorging van ablusiegeriewe aan te wend, het ongelukkig deur die mat geval omdat daar minder werkers in diens geneem is as in die verlede. Ander opsies word ondersoek. Intussen word die normale instandhoudingsprogram toegepas, naamlik dat dit buite seisoen een keer per week skoongemaak word. In die somervakansieperiode word seisoenswerkers aangestel wat voltyds daarna omsien.

Algemene opmerkings:

Dit is vir my belangrik dat BBBV meer duidelikheid kry oor wat op ons dorp gespandeer word. Terugvoering moet gegee word oor wanneer ‘n projek begin en wanneer dit voltooi word.

Terugvoering oor projekte is ‘n staande item op die wykskomitee-agenda. Die Bettysbaai-belastingbetalersvereniging het ‘n verteenwoordiger op die wykskomitee. Daar is ook kwartaalliks ‘n openbare terugvoeringsvergadering waar inwoners self vrae kan kom stel.

n Kommerwekkende saak wat dringend aandag verg is Overhills. Is daar ‘n plan van aksie sou die oorstroming oorskuif. Volgens my inligting is daar 700 strukture waarvan net 120 geregtig is om daar te wees en daar gaan nog steeds op. Ek verstaan dat diegene wat nog nie elektrisiteit het nie, daarop gaan aandring. So gaan daar meer fasiliteite aangebring word en wie gaan daarvoor betaal? Of gaan ons belastingbetalers se geld daarvoor gebruik word en al hoe minder vir ons dorp beskikbaar wees?

Verstedeliking is ongelukkig ‘n hedendaagse verskynsel wat nie tot ‘n bepaalde gebied geisoleer is nie en nasionaal en internasionaal voorkom waar migrante meen daar vir hul ekonomiese geleenthede (soms onwettig, soos met die stropery van mariene hulpbrone gesien kan word) beskikbaar is. Die Munisipaliteit Overstrand is voortdurend besig met prosesse om hul bestuur daarvan te verbeter. Dienste en fasiliteite word volgens wetlike vereistes in informele nedersettings voorsien. Die fondse wat daarvoor gebruik word, kom uit die Billike Deel-toekenning wat deur die Nasionale Regering aan plaaslike owerhede beskikbaar gestel word.

Kan bogenoemde aspekte bespreek word en kan die antwoorde in die Belastingbetalersnuusbrief gepubliseer word sodat die belastingbetalers kan kennis neem en insette gee.

Deelnemende besluitneming is een van die fokusgebiede wat kragtens die Grondwet vir plaaslike owerhede gestel word en is die rede waarom wykskomitees as statutêre liggaam vir die proses voorsien is. Insette word verwelkom en kan deur die Belastingbetalersvereniging se verteenwoordiger op die komitee gekanaliseer word.