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Dear member, 

May 2020 be a better and more prosperous year! Beste lid Mag 2020 vir ons almal ‘n beter en mooi jaar wees!

(Afrikaans onder)

On 11 January residents, mainly from Sunny Seas, socialised in Dolphin Drive. They commemorated the disastrous fire a year ago. Feelings of heartache over lost possessions were overshadowed by a sense of relief that so many lives were saved. The general feeling was that we were rising from the ashes and were creating a better village. Nature responded in a magnificent way and we were rewarded with an abundance of flora - many of which with spectacular flowers. Most damaged houses have either been rebuilt or repaired and the village has undergone a marked appearance improvement.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

A well-attended AGM took place on Saturday 14 December 2019 in the Crassula Hall.

Bill Steyn gave an extensive overview of the BBRA’s activities in his chairman’s report which report can be accessed on our website www.bettysbay.info

Our Treasurer, Adrian de Kock, submitted his financial report and this report is also on the website. The financial position is sound but there is some concern over a declining membership.

The Fire Book, an initiative of some of our members, was launched at the meeting. The first print has been sold out and a further limited reprint is on its way. Enquiries can be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Any surplus on the book sales will be allocated to fire prevention in Betty’s Bay.

The proposal that speed control measures on Clarence Drive be improved has been followed up and will be reported on in the next newsletter.

The under mentioned members were elected to serve on the committee and at the meeting held on 28 January the portfolios as indicated were allocated:

  • Bill Steyn – Chairperson and representative on the ward committee. Also security, CPF and neighbourhood watch.
  • Werner Zybrands – Deputy Chairperson and authorities liaison.
  • Adrian de Kock – Secretary/Treasurer/data base.
  • Karon Scholefield – Property planning and development. Minutes secretary.
  • Richard Starke – Water, waste, sanitation, roads and storm water.
  • Renee Bish and Carol Clark – Conservation
  • Jorika Rabie and Liz Cartwright – Fire and Emergency Services.
  • Hilda v d Merwe and Wendy Lucas (Co-opted member) – Sand dune management, beaches and amenities.
  • Louis Wessels – Community and cultural matters.
  • Other tasks are performed by non-committee members on an ad hoc basis.

Holiday season

In spite of inclement weather at times it didn’t dampen the festive holiday spirit. There were complaints regarding law enforcement and the life savers and these have already been followed up. The drowning of a visitor was especially very tragic.

Unfortunately some visitors fed the baboons or negligently disposed of food waste. Home owners are again urgently requested to inform guests/visitors of the baboon protocol. (Read also the report below)

Plot clearing policy

This policy is still being considered by the Municipality and a further round of public participation may become necessary. For the present the existing policy remains in force.

Residents will be kept informed of developments.

Neighbourhood Watch, safety and security

The AGM of the neighbourhood watch (NW) will take place at 10h00 on Saturday 22 February 2020 in the Crassula Hall. There wasn’t a quorum at the previous meeting – a sign of a lack of interest. There is now a distinct possibility that, barring one part of Betty’s Bay where some interest is still prevalent, the NW may have to end. Please attend this meeting.

Our chairperson, Bill Steyn, maintains contact with the Municipality regarding the provision of security cameras. It appears that some cameras will be installed during the current financial year (i e before 30 June), but that the balance would have to be referred to the next budget. The BBRA has already made the necessary representations.

Baboon Matters

It is not always easy to maintain a balance between humans and animals. Therefore just accept the reality that one has to share the beauty of Betty’s Bay with other “residents”. This doesn’t imply that we have to become “house buddies”!

It is not only stupid to feed baboons but also a criminal offence.

An earnest effort is being made to find and report offenders to the law enforcers. Ignorance is no longer an excuse! Homeowners must inform tenants accordingly. It serves no purpose for tenants to feed baboons in order to observe their “cute antics” but then the rest of the community must suffer the consequences.

A further principle is to baboon proof your house as far as possible. This need not imply that you are held hostage in your own home – just plan smartly.

Please take special note of the following:

  • Don’t feed wild animals or birds or leave pet food outside – it also attracts baboons.
  • Place all refuse in baboon proof bins.
  • Don’t act violently against or even shoot at baboons - rather take measures to prevent them from becoming unwelcome house guests.

One of our committee members, Renee Bish, is monitoring baboon activities in our area. If you are interested in this project or wish to make constructive comments, she can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Coastal footpaths

This project to create new coastal footpaths and link existing ones, is still underway and, as previously reported, an on the ground survey of existing rights of way, high water marks, environmental issues are all receiving attention.

Readers who are interested in this study are invited to offer their services as we welcome all constructive support.

Commercial and community nodes

The BBRA’s initiative to review the existing commercial and community nodes in Betty’s Bay, as reported in previous newsletters, has gained momentum.

The Municipality’s multi-disciplinary consultancy team is already hard at work conducting a preliminary study on roads, storm water, essential services and urban design.

The first draft master plan has already been conceptualised and, after some further refinement, will be presented to all business node property owners where after a public participation process will follow.

Any person interested in this study or who wishes to participate is invited to contact Werner Zybrands at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Karon Scholefield at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Street name signs

The recently erected street name signs on Clarence Drive are a huge disappointment. They are illegible – both during the day and at night. This matter has been taken up with the Municipality.

Renewal of Membership

Your membership is now up for renewal at a nominal amount of R75,00 per person per year. Please renew as soon as possible!

Please encourage your friends and neighbours to join and strengthen our numbers and voice. Application forms can be found on our website www.bettysbay.info

Within Betty’s Bay there are WhatsApp discussion groups who are apparently oblivious of the role of the BBRA and, to their own frustration, discuss and gossip over municipal matters without achieving any results. “Fake” news is passed on and this harms the cordial relationship that the BBRA is trying to establish with the Municipality.

Comments on our newsletters are appreciated and also ensure that we address your needs. Bring any service delivery or other problems concerning our area to our attention by sending an email to Karon Scholefield at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with copies to Adrian de Kock at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and to Werner Zybrands at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Op 11 Januarie het inwoners van veral Sunny Seas naby die see in Dolphinrylaan byeen gekom en sosiaal verkeer. Daar was hartseer vir talle wat soveel skade tydens die brand van ‘n jaar tevore gely het, maar daar was ook dankbaarheid oor gespaarde lewens. Die algemene gevoel was dat ons besig is om uit die as op te staan en ‘n beter dorp te ontwikkel. Die natuur het pragtig gereageer en talle plante wat in jare nie opgemerk is nie het in hul volle glorie opgekom en veral geblom. Woonhuise is grootliks herstel of herbou en dorp lyk in die algemeen beter as voor die brand.

Algemene jaarvergadering

Die algemene jaarvegadering het op 14 Desember 2019 in die Crassulasaal plaasgevind en is goed bygewoon.

Bill Steyn het in sy voorsittersrede omvattend oor die werksamhede van die BBBV verslag gedoen. Die verslag is op ons webtuiste www.bettysbay.info beskikbaar.

Ons tesourier, Adrian de Kock, het die finansiële verslag voorgelê. Dis ook op die webtuiste beskikbaar. Die BBBV se finansies is gesond, maar daar is wel kommer oor die stagnante ledetal.

Die Brandboek, ‘n inisiatief van sommige van ons lede, is tydens die vergadering bekendgestel. Die belangstelling was so groot dat die hele eerste oplaag gou uitverkoop is. ‘n Tweede beperkte oplaag word beplan en belangstellendes kan ons tesourier by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. kontak. Enige surplus op hierdie projek sal vir brandbestryding in Bettysbaai toegewys word.

Die voorstel dat spoedbeheer op Clarence rylaan verbeter word, is opgevolg en in ‘n volgende nuusbrief sal meer daaroor berig word.

Tydens die vergadering is die ondervermelde lede tot die bestuur verkies en tydens die eerste komiteevergadering gehou op 28 Januarie 2020 is die ampsdraers verkies en portefeuljes toegewys:

  • Bill Steyn – Voorsitter en verteenwoordiger op die wykskomitee. Ook sekuriteit GPF en buurtwag
  • Werner Zybrands – Onder-voorsitter en Owerheidskakeling
  • Adrian de Kock – Sekretaris/Tesourier/Databasis
  • Karon Scholefield – Notule sekretaresse/eiendomsbeplanning en ontwikkeling.
  • Richard Starke – Water, sanitasie, paaie en stormwater.
  • Renee Bish en Carol Clark – Omgewingsake.
  • Jorika Rabie en Liz Cartwright – Brand-en nooddienste.
  • Hilda v d Mwerwe en Wendy Lucas (geko-opteerde lid) – Duinebestuur, strande en geriewe.
  • Louis Wessels – gemeenskaps- en kulturele dienste. (Nuwe portefeulje)
  • Ander take word deur nie-komiteelede op ‘n ad hoc basis verrig.


Die weer was by tye minder aangenaam, maar dit het nie die goeie vakansiegees gedemp nie. Daar was wel verskeie klagtes oor gebrekkige wetstoepasing en die lewensredders ontvang en dit word tans op hoë vlak met die Munisipaliteit opgevolg. Dit is veral tragies dat daar ‘n verdrinking by die hoofstrand was.

Ongelukkig was daar besoekers wat bobbejane gevoer het en/of nalatig was met die wegdoen van oorskietkos. Huiseienaars word weer eens aangeraai om huurders/gaste se aandag op die bobbejaanprotokol te vestig. (Kyk ook verdere berig hieronder)

Beleid vir skoonmaak van erwe

Die Munisipaliteit oorweeg steeds hierdie beleid en ‘n volgende ronde openbare deelname mag dalk nodig wees. Inmiddels geld die ou beleid steeds.

Inwoners sal op die hoogte van verwikkelinge gehou word.

Nadat die beleid gefinaliseer is, sal ‘n opsomming daarvan in ons nuusbrief verskyn en ‘n skakel na ons webtuiste voorsien word.

Buurtwag, veiligheid en sekuriteit

Die jaarvergadering van die Buurtwag vind om 10h00 op Saterdag 22 Februarie 2020 in die Crassulasaal plaas. Daar was nie ‘n kworum by die vorige vergadering nie – ‘n teken van gebrekkige betrokkenheid. Daar is is nou ‘n wesenlike moontlikheid dat die Buurtwag, dalk met uitsondering van een deel van Bettysbaai waar daar nog ‘n mate van belangstellng is, tot ‘n einde sal kom. Woon asb hierdie vergadering by.

Ons voorsitter, Bill Steyn, bly in gesprek met die Munisipaliteit oor die aanbring van kameras. Dit blyk dat bepaalde kameras nog in die huidige finansiële jaar aangebring kan word, maar die balans moet nog voor begroot word. Die BBBV het reeds die nodige vertoë gerig.


Om harmonie tussen mens en dier te handhaaf is nie altyd maklik nie. Aanvaar maar dat om die natuurskone Bettysbaai te bly jy dit met ander “inwoners” sal moet deel. Dit beteken egter nie dat ons huisvriende hoef te raak nie!

Om bobbejane te voer is nie alleen dwaas nie, maar ook ‘n kriminele oortreding.

‘n Daadwerklike poging word tans geloods om oortreders uit te snuffel en aan wetstoepassers te rapporteer. Onkunde is geen verskoning meer nie! Huiseienaars word aangemoedig om huurders hierop bedag te maak. Dit help dat huurders die bobbejane met kos lok nie om hul “oulike” manewales te geniet maar daarna moet die res van die buurt dit ontgeld nie. Die tweede belangrike beginsel bly om jou huis bobbejaan onaantreklik of selfs bestand te maak. Dit beteken nie dat jy in jou huis gevange gehou hoef te word nie.

Neem in besonder kennis van die volgende riglyne:

  • Moenie wilde diere of voëls voer nie of troeteldere se kos buite los nie – die kos lok bobbejane.
  • Plaas alle huishoudelike afval in bobbejaanbestande asblikke.
  • Moenie bobbejane gewelddadiglik verwilder nie en moet veral nie op hul skiet nie – sorg eerder dat hul nie onwelkome huisbesoekers word nie.

Een van ons komiteelede, Renee Bish, moniteer deurlopend die aktiwiteite van die bobbejane. Indien die projek jou interesseer of jy positiewe kommentaar wil lewer, kontak haar gerus by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Die inisiatief om nuwe kuswandelpaaie te skep en bestaandes te verbind, vorder geleidelik en, soos voorheen berig, word ‘n studie van bestaande regte van weg, hoogwatermerke en omgewingsaspekte gedoen. Dis ‘n omvangryke en tydrowende taak wat nie sonder groter gemeeenskapsdeelname sal vorder nie. Belangstellende inwoners kan Werner Zybrands by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. kontak.

Kommersiële en gemeenskapsentrums

Die BBBV se inisiatief soos in verskeie vorige nuusbriewe berig om bestaande kommersiële en gemeenskapsnodes te hersien gaan steeds volstoom voort. Die node by die Clarence/Porter – aansluiting kom eerste aan die beurt.

Die multi-dissiplinêre taakspan wat aangestel is om ‘n voorlopige studie oor paaie, stormwater, noodsaaklike dienste en stedelike ontwerp te doen, het goed gevorder.

‘n Eerste konsep meesterplan is opgestel en na verdere verfyning sal dit met al die eiendomseienaars bespreek word. Daarna sal ‘n openbare deelnameproses volg.

Enigiemand wat kommentaar wil lewer of betrokke wil raak, word uitgenooi om Werner Zybrands by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of Karon Scholefield by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. te kontak.


Die straatnaamborde wat onlangs op Clarencerylaan aangebring is, is ‘n groot teleurstelling. Dit is onleesbaar – beide in die dag en in die aand. Die aangeleentheid is reeds op hoë vlak met die Munisipaliteit opgeneem.


Jou lidmaatskap kan teen ‘n nominale bedrag van R75,00 per persoon per jaar hernu word. Doen dit asseblief!

Moedig asb vriende en bure aan om by ons aan te sluit en sodoende ons getalle en stem te versterk. Aansoekvorms kan op ons webtuiste www.bettysbay.info gevind word.

Daar is binne Bettysbaai WhatsApp gesprekgroepe wat skynbaar onbewus is van die rol wat die BBBV speel en, tot hul eie groot frustrasie, munisipale sake bespreek en beskinder en nie die gewenste resultate bereik nie. Heelwat “vals” inligting word ook versprei en dit vertroebel die verhouding wat die BBBV met die Munisipaliteit probeer opbou.

Terugvoer op ons nuusbriewe sal verseker dat ons die werklike behoeftes van die gemeenskap aanspreek. Doen dit gerus en bring enige dienslewerings- of ander probleme onder die aandag van Karon Scholefield by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. met ‘n afskrif aan Adrian de Kock by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of aan Werner Zybrands by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.