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Items for inclusion in the budget for the Bettys Bay area.

In terms of instructions received at the August Ward Committee meeting the following items we consider essential for inclusion in the 2015/16 budget deliberations in respect of the Bettys Bay area.

1. Gravel Road Maintenance

2. Storm Water Channels & Drainage Pipes

3. Potable Water Pipe Replacement

4. Otter Close Bridge

5. Visible Law Enforcement 

6. Beach Parking – Main Beach

7. Disabled Access – Main Beach & Silversands Boardwalk

8. Bass Lake  Boardwalk

9. Industrial Refuse Bins – Bettys Bay Collection Point

Gravel Road Maintenance

The gravel roads in Bettys Bay are in a disgusting state and have been deteriorating over the past few years at an alarming rate. This is causing much frustration amongst residents, damage to motor vehicles and quite frankly are a danger in that motorists are forced to move from side to side of the roads to avoid the potholes. The past seasons failure to complete the biannual maintenance program through lack of funds is unacceptable and sufficient funds must be made available to maintain the roads at an acceptable level on an ongoing basis.

Furthermore a planned program of tarring roads needs to be implemented with particular reference to the main thoroughfares. In the long term this is the more cost efficient option.

Storm Water Channels & Drainage Pipes

The lack of maintenance on an ongoing basis to the current storm water channels causes flooding of roads and properties besides the damage to roads caused by the failure to divert storm water in an acceptable manner towards the sea. This issue needs to be addressed with some urgency at an escalating rate in conjunction with the roads maintenance program.

Potable Water Pipe Replacement

Whilst we appreciate that this issue is being addressed we feel that the rate of replacement needs to be stepped up because of the continued pipe breaks being experienced in our area at an increased rate. As the current old pipes get older and older this problem will escalate. From a recent presentation of your relevant department and the contractors it was established that with the current rate of replacement the replacement program will take another 60 years. The contractors further advise that the life span of the new pipes is also about 60 years so on that basis this is an ongoing saga without end.

Otter Close Bridge

There has over the past few years been no definitive plan and associated budget allocated to construct a bridge which will withstand the ongoing assault of the annual storms. This bridge has been washed away on a number of occasions in recent times and it is time that a concerted effort is made to address this issue.

Visible Law Enforcement

There is a virtual complete lack of visible Law Enforcement personnel in Bettys Bay. This is particularly noticeable during the holiday season when much attention is given to Kleinmond and Hermanus with the Hangklip area being treated as poor cousins.

An examination of the periodic lists provided in respect of action taken by these personnel in the area proves that attention is not given to enforcing the Municipal By Laws to an effective and acceptable standard.

Beach Parking – Main Beach

The state of the main beach parking is atrocious with the area covered in pot holes, being ever reduced in size through the dumping of sand and gravel, the annual flooding and is a very poor advertisement for those holiday makers visiting our area.

Disabled Access - Main Beach & Silversands Boardwalk

This problem has been under discussion for a considerable time with no action being taken. What is happening? It is apparent that there is a complete lack of consideration for those wishing to visit our beaches who through physical disabilities are unable to do so because of a lack of suitable facilities to assist them in this regard.

Bass Lake Boardwalk

The boardwalk on the Kleinmond side of Bass Lake is moved each year by the rising waters during winter because the supporting poles are not long enough to prevent this happening. New longer support poles sufficiently anchored need to replace those that are inadequate to prevent this happening in the future.

Industrial Refuse Bins – Bettys Bay Collection Point

The present “trailer” should be scrapped and replaced with industrial refuse bins such as those in Pringle Bay. The trailer has no wheels and as such requires Municipal Officials to climb into the trailer to empty same which besides being inefficient is a danger to those staff both in the way of possible injury and additionally create a health hazard.

Bettys Bay does not ask for much in terms of service delivery from our Municipality but feel that we are treated as poor relations when it comes to delivery. The Overstrand Municipality makes much of their commitment to service delivery but items such as roads, storm water drainage, visible law enforcement and other areas mentioned above are in the opinion of residents equally classed as service areas and therefore should be given the necessary attention which they deserve.

Additionally we would like to be included in the planning stage of the 2015/16 budget where we can give input in terms of the points raised which need attention in our area.

Adrian de Kock

Vice-Chairman & Treasurer

Bettys Bay Ratepayers Association & Ward 10 Committee Member

E-Mail – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cell: 082 940 4619