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The Annual General Meeting of the Betty’s Bay Ratepayers’ Association will be held on Friday, 19 December at 2014 at 18h00 in the Crassula Hall. New members are required for the Committee. We need new ideas and energy to meet the challenges that lie ahead. Please make every effort to attend.


  1. Opening and Welcome : Opening en Verwelkoming
  2. Apologies : Verskonings
  3. Confirmation of Previous Minutes : AGM held on 27 Dec 2O13 / Bekragtiging von die Vorige Notule : AJV gehou op 27 Des 2O13
  4. Matters Arising from the previous Minutes / Sake Voortspruitend uit die vorige Notule
  5. Chairman's Report : Voorsittersverslag
  6. Discussion of Chairman's Report : Bespreking oor Voorsittersverslag
  7. Treasurer's Report : Tesouriersverslag
  8. Election of Committee Members : Verkiesing van Komiteelede