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Change of plans:

ESCOM Supply of Energy-Saving Globes / Verskaffing van energiebesparende gloeilampe

Ek bevestig het hiermee, en vra weer eens om verskoning vir die verwarring, dat ESKOM te blameer is vir die vertraging met die uitdeel van energiebesparende gloeilampe (uit huishoudings) in ruil vir ou gloeilampe.

Die veldtog gaan wel plaasvind, maar sal deur latere kennisgewing bekendgemaak en bevestig word. Wanneer dit gebeur, sal die omruilpunt na alle waarskynlikheid by 'n punt buite die biblioteek (ook voorheen munisipale kantore) op Bettysbaai wees. 'n Amptelike Overstrand-voertuig sal na verwagting as uitdeelpunt dien.


I would herewith like to confirm, with apologies for the confusion, that ESKOM is to blame for the delay in the distribution of energy-saving bulbs to households in exchange for existing ones that are in use.

The campaign will be launched in our area at a later date, of which you will be notified. Once the date has been set, the exchange point will most probably be at a place just outside of the library (and former municipal offices) in Betty's Bay. Weather permitting, an official vehicle of the Overstrand municipality will serve as the exchange point.

Ward Councillor / Wyksraadslid


The ESKOM roll-out of energy-saving light bulbs for households is under way in the Overstrand. Specifically in the Hangklip area, instead of visiting individual homes, the officials responsible for the roll-out will from Monday 1 February be based at key business points along Clarence Drive. Residents are encouraged to take their ‘old’ light bulbs to these temporary trade-in points and exchange them for the energy-saving ones.

For more information, please contact Charmaine Kotze, secretary at the Area Manager’s office in Kleinmond, at 028-271 8413 or Liesl van der Westhuyzen, principal clerk: Electrical Services in Hermanus at 028-316 2630

Thank you and kind regards.

Ward Councillor / Wyksraadslid
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