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Die SILVERSANDS ART GROUP hou hulle jaarlikse kunsuitstalling vanaf die 17e tot die 30e Desember 2014 in die klein saaltjie by Disakloof Jeugkampterrein in Bettysbaai. Die kampterrein is maklik bereikbaar – op die hoofweg deur Bettysbaai net langs die Botaniese tuin. Die ingang is duidelik gemerk met ‘n rooi klip. Die saal is geleë op pad na die groot saal waar die jaarlikse Kunsmark plaasvind. Die uitstalling is daagliks oop vir besigtiging en verkope tussen 10h00 en18h00.

The Annual General Meeting of the Betty’s Bay Ratepayers’ Association will be held on Friday, 19 December at 2014 at 18h00 in the Crassula Hall. New members are required for the Committee. We need new ideas and energy to meet the challenges that lie ahead. Please make every effort to attend.


  1. Opening and Welcome : Opening en Verwelkoming
  2. Apologies : Verskonings
  3. Confirmation of Previous Minutes : AGM held on 27 Dec 2O13 / Bekragtiging von die Vorige Notule : AJV gehou op 27 Des 2O13
  4. Matters Arising from the previous Minutes / Sake Voortspruitend uit die vorige Notule
  5. Chairman's Report : Voorsittersverslag
  6. Discussion of Chairman's Report : Bespreking oor Voorsittersverslag
  7. Treasurer's Report : Tesouriersverslag
  8. Election of Committee Members : Verkiesing van Komiteelede

Special Notice Inviting Nominations for Election to the Committee 2015

The current members of the Committee have served anything from 2 to 5 years on the Committee and some have given timeous notice that they will not be available for re-election to the Committee in 2015. Dan and Liz Fick in particular have been involved on the Committee for the last 10 years and are taking a break and will as a result not be available for re-election.

Nominations are therefore being invited for election to the Committee of the Association.

Only members of the Association in good standing may be nominated.

Nominations must be proposed and seconded in writing by two (2) members of the Association and accepted in writing by the nominee.

The Committee shall consist of no less than (4) and not more than eight (8) members. We have the option to co-opt additional members to the Committee.

The choir will be delivering a performance of music and song in aid of raising funds for our local charity i.e. Hangklip Community Care Centre – Registration 102-000-NPO at 19H00 on Thursday 27 November 2014 in the NGK Church hall in Kleinmond.
This very popular event is always well attended and so you should get in early to obtain your tickets at the very reasonable price of R40-00 each. It is not often that an event of this quality is offered at such an affordable price in these days of inflation.
Tickets can be purchased from the following outlets or persons:

  1. Albertyn Apteek – Kleinmond
  2. George Green – Bettys Bay – 083 283 4454
  3. Brian Anderson – Bettys Bay – 028 272 9938

Should you need to establish where else to obtain tickets you can contact either of the above persons.
Come on Hangklip residents help us to support this very worthy charity and at the same time enjoy an evening of superb music.
Adrian de Kock
Secretary – Hangklip CCC
Cell: 082 940 4619
Land Line: 028 272 9998

Items for inclusion in the budget for the Bettys Bay area.

In terms of instructions received at the August Ward Committee meeting the following items we consider essential for inclusion in the 2015/16 budget deliberations in respect of the Bettys Bay area.

1. Gravel Road Maintenance

2. Storm Water Channels & Drainage Pipes

3. Potable Water Pipe Replacement

4. Otter Close Bridge

5. Visible Law Enforcement 

6. Beach Parking – Main Beach

7. Disabled Access – Main Beach & Silversands Boardwalk

8. Bass Lake  Boardwalk

9. Industrial Refuse Bins – Bettys Bay Collection Point