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A large whale was seen floating in the sea in the Sunny Seas area late on Friday. Sharks were having a feeding frenzy. Researchers came out on Saturday and took DNA samples and blood samples – by this time the whale carcass had floated onto the rocks in the Jock’s Bay area. Now waiting for bad weather to take the carcass out to sea as recommended by the researcher. The whale is said to be either Brydes or Brutus, roughly 8 meters in length and was estimated to weigh around 15 tons. Click here for image.

The poor condition of mostly gravel roads in the Hangklip area was a major point of discussion at the ward committee meeting of Ward 10 in Betty’s Bay on Tuesday this week.

In an effort to address this burning issue, Cllr Lisel Krige requested senior officials to share the municipality’s prospective plan of action in this regard.

The Kleinmond area’s senior manager for operations, Mr Denovan van Rhodie, informed the meeting that an amount of R1,2 million was available on the budget for road repairs in the Hangklip area and that there were various options on how it could be applied.

Deputy director of community services Mr Mike Bartman then announced that a further R500 000 had been made available by the Mayor to assist in the crisis.
The option of using the municipality’s own available work force and equipment as opposed to renting in additional machines or a contractor was preferred by the ward committee as it would go the furthest towards addressing the situation. Approximately 14 km of the worst sections will receive attention in this way. In response to a question Mr Van Rhodie said the grader operator had been appropriately trained.

By the time you read this, every Betty’s Bay resident and/or ratepayer will undoubtedly have taken detailed cognisance of the massive fire that ripped through a part of Betty’s Bay on Wednesday night 16 July and did not subside until the following morning. Fortunately there was no casualty or loss of life; however two houses were destroyed and many other structures damaged. For many it was a night of tension and even terror.

Although vast expanses of blackened land and the lingering smell of heavy smoke still bear stark evidence to the eventful night, the relatively low incidence of damage to property is a massive relief, considering that no fewer than 24 fire vehicles and 85 fire fighters – of whom a number of local volunteers – had to battle the blaze against the overwhelming strength of a gale force north westerly wind that was raging at around 70 km per hour.

thumbnailBermuda was once known as 'The Devil's Isle', now there is a 'Devil's Triangle'

Once upon a time….. as Atlantis sank beneath the waves in the West Atlantic, the Devil scrambled ashore onto the last island, and surveyed his diminished Kingdom.

He feared and envied the continent to his West and vowed to wreak revenge.

So he gobbled up all who entered the space he decreed to be his own.

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Brief van 'n inwoner aan die OM, rakende die toestand van paaie in Bettysbaai.

Môre Danovan,

Ongelukkig moet ek weereens ‘n skrywe aan jou rig om jou vir die hoeveelste keer te herinner aan die gehawende toestand van die paaie in Betty'sbaai onderandere Oxalisweg!!!

Ek het jou ook vanoggend (09h00) probeer skakel maar jy was nie daar nie. Ek het ‘n boodskap gelaat maar tot dusver nog geen reaksie gekry nie!!!

Die pad is nou op plekke bykans onbegaanbaar en dit vererger by die minuut. Ek het ook geen reaksie gesien NA my oproep na jou verlede week inverband met die stormwaterpyp wat onder die sand begrawe is nie (By Erf 4706). Ek glo Mnr Lakey, Lisel en Petrus sal ook onthou dat ek dit sowat 3 maande gelede al aan julle uitgewys het. Wanneer dit reen soos die afgelope week is die pad heeltemal oorstroom en veroorsaak dat die pad verder verbrokkel.
Van die inwoners se erwe raak heeltemal oorstroom!!

Ek praat nie eers van die gate by Erf 4708 wat nou al dwarsoor die pad is. ‘n Mens (wat omgee vir sy voertuig) moet heeltemal tot stilstand kom en dan stadig daar probeer deur beweeg.. Soos wat dit nou aangaan sal die pad eersdaags heeltemal herbou moet word. Ek merk dat by my huis 4733 die mense nou al oor my sypaadjie begin ry wat my nog meer kwaad begin maak.