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Welcome to our introductory newsletter. For the many in our community who may still be unaware of our existence and what we do, we need to provide some basic information. / Welkom by ons inleidende nuusbrief. Vir diegene in ons gemeenskap wat nie bewus is van ons bestaan en/of ons doen en late nie, is ons genoodsaak om sekere basiese inligting te verskaf.


Reg No. 102-000-NPO

Quarterly Newsletter – No. 1, October 2017

(Afrikaanse artikel hieronder)

Welcome to our introductory newsletter. For the many in our community who may still be unaware of our existence and what we do, we need to provide some basic information.

Hangklip Community Care Centre (HCCC), previously a satellite of Fynbos Kleinmond, became an independent non-profit organisation in April 2014. Our vision is to ensure that members of the Hangklip community, especially the aged and needy, are enabled to continue living in dignity, freedom from hunger and in a caring environment. To this end, our mission is to:

  1. Mobilise financial support from government, business and community members to enable the centre to acquire infrastructure and resources that are needed for effective functioning.
  2. Promote a culture of mutual caring and opportunities for fellowship amongst members of the Hangklip community.
  3. Promote and coordinate a home-care service for the elderly and infirm.
  4. Provide nutritious and enjoyable meals in accordance with a pricing structure which makes them affordable for every community member, and free food parcels to those who require such support.
  5. Facilitate the provision of basic health, transport and maintenance-related services as needed, especially in cases of community members being unable to meet such needs from within their own resources.

Although totally independent of Lakeside Chapel, the Chapel’s facilities have been made available to us and we operate from their premises, situated at the corner of Wheeler and White streets, Betty’s Bay.


As a registered NPO and also a registered service provider in terms of the Older Persons Act of 2006, we are required to adhere to high standards of governance and are subject to regular inspections. Our constitution provides for a Management Committee of at least seven persons, each of whom serves in an honorary capacity and has a specific portfolio. Apart from this we have a paid part-time manager (Patricia Ackerberg) who is responsible primarily, but not exclusively, for our kitchen-related services. We have formal policies in place relating to financial, human resources and occupational health and safety management.


Membership is open to all residents of the Hangklip area, i.e., Betty’s Bay (including Mooiuitsig), Pringle Bay and Rooi Els, upon payment of an annual membership fee. The fee is currently R30 for individuals whose monthly household income does not exceed R2 000, and R60 for everyone else. We encourage all residents to become members. Your membership fee not only entitles you to enjoy meals at subsidised rates, but also contributes to the provision of affordable services to the needy members of our community.

Membership enquiries: Patricia Ackerberg - 082 378 1641

Currently, our main (and rapidly growing) service is the provision of subsidised meals on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Tasty, nutritious meals can either be enjoyed sitting down in Hangklip CCC’s dining room, collected, or even delivered to those unable to collect. Wednesday sitdown lunches have become a popular social event. A total of 3 167 meals were provided in 2016/17. In the first five months of 2017/18, 1 905 meals were prepared, a 44% increase over the number provided in the same period last year. Depending on household income, the price per meal ranges from R10 to R35 for a member, while a non-member is required to pay R45.
The clinic operates on one morning every 8 weeks, during which chronic medication is dispensed and basic medical tests are conducted by qualified nursing sisters. 166 patients are listed as users of clinic services. Over and above this, a wide range of nursing aids are available for loaning out on a temporary basis.
Food parcels:
We currently distribute 25 food parcels monthly to the needy, predominantly in the Mooiuitsig area.
Culture and recreation:
We are on the constant lookout for opportunities to present cultural and recreational events for the benefit of community members. In the recent past we have arranged quiz evenings and a most enjoyable musical appreciation evening. Pilates exercises are extremely popular and twice-weekly classes are currently fully subscribed.
Home care:

A concern is the increasing number of aged residents in our area who despite diminished capacity to care for themselves, continue to live in their own homes, either by preference, or because the affordability is lacking for suitable alternatives both in this area and beyond. Addressing this concern has become one of HCCC’s top priorities.

Earlier this year, with the encouragement and support of a forum of church leaders and other interested parties from our community, we launched an initiative to develop a model for a viable, sustainable home care service for the elderly and infirm in our community.

Underpinning this must be the establishment of a pool of properly trained carers – both accredited professionals, and a supporting group of appropriately trained volunteers. Ongoing supervision and support for both groups would be key to the sustainability of the operation.

Lacking as we do the necessary expertise and experience, we entered into discussions with the Overstrand Hospice movement (based in Hermanus), whose model of training and care is well aligned with our needs.

We are now very pleased to report that the Hospice has formally agreed in principle to collaborate with the Hangklip CCC in establishing a satellite centre here for home based care, including the training and supervision of carers. We shall need to wait until the new year to establish clarity on the terms of this agreement and to institute a plan for the training of carers. But in the meantime we have much work to do in ascertaining the scope of the need in our area (how many are in need of care and to what extent?) and obtaining a data base of available or potentially available carers and all other role players and resources. We also need to inform our wider community, and generate the necessary awareness and support.

To this end we have decided to call a special forum meeting of interested parties at our Lakeside Chapel premises on Tuesday, 17th October at 12:00 to report in more detail and discuss the way forward. From this gathering we also hope to draw a committee with the necessary skills (and passion!) to help drive this project forward.

We welcome any community member who would like to participate in this forum, offer support or contribute any expertise or ideas, to contact Joy Rourke: 028 272 9914  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or George Green: 083 283 4454 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our income is derived from membership fees, donations from churches, local businesses and individuals, fundraising activities and from government grants. Currently the largest single contribution to our income is by virtue of our participation in the Department of Social Development’s Older Persons Programme. The size of this DSD grant, which has to be re-applied for every three years, depends on the number of persons of age 60 or older who benefit from Hangklip CCC services – primarily the provision of meals.


We are a volunteer-based organisation and cannot function without our volunteers. Apart from the benefit to Hangklip CCC, becoming a volunteer provides individuals who have a desire to get involved in community service with the opportunity to do so. It also truly fosters a sense of community. We currently have 32 volunteers who are involved in our whole range of services although most (22) are volunteer cooks. As we grow, our need for volunteers increases.

If interested in joining the pool of volunteers, please contact Patricia Ackerberg: 082 378 1641 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kwartaalikse Nuusbrief – nr 1, Oktober 2017

Welkom by ons inleidende nuusbrief. Vir diegene in ons gemeenskap wat nie bewus is van ons bestaan en/of ons doen en late nie, is ons genoodsaak om sekere basiese inligting te verskaf.

Hangklip Gemeenskapsorgsentrum, voorheen ‘n satelliet van Fynbos Kleinmond, het in April 2014 as ‘n onafhanklike nie-winsgewende organisasie begin funksioneer. Ons visie is om te verseker dat lede van die Hangklipgemeenskap, veral die wat bejaard en behoeftig is, in staat gestel word om in waardigheid, vryheid van honger en in 'n versorgende omgewing te bly voortleef. Derhalwe is ons missie om:

  1. Finansiele steun vanaf die regering en die sakesektor en vanuit die gemeenskap te mobiliseer sodat infrastruktuur en hulpbronne wat benodig word vir effektiewe funksionering bekom kan word
  2. ‘n Kultuur van onderlinge versorging en geleendhede vir kameraadskap onder lede van die Hangklipgemeenskap te bevorder
  3. ‘n Tuisversorsingsdiens vir bejaardes en siekes te bevorder en te koördineer
  4. Voedsame en aangename etes te voorsien volgens 'n prysstruktuur wat vir elke gemeenskapslid bekostigbaar is asook gratis kospakkies te verskaf aan diegene wat sulke ondersteuning benodig
  5. Basiese gesondheids-, vervoer- en instandhoudingsverwante dienste te verskaf soos benodig, veral in gevalle waar gemeenskapslede nie in staat is om sulke behoeftes uit eie hulpbronne te bevredig nie.

Alhoewel heeltemal onafhanklik van Lakeside Chapel, is die kapel se fasiliteite vir ons beskikbaar gestel en ons werk vanaf hul perseel, geleë op die h/v Wheeler-en Whitestraat, Bettysbaai.


Aangesien ons 'n geregistreerde nie-winsgewende organisasie, asook 'n geregistreerde diensverskaffer ingevolge die Wet op Ouer Persone van 2006 is, moet ons voldoen aan hoë standaarde van bestuur en is ons aan gereelde inspeksies onderhewig. Ons grondwet maak voorsiening vir 'n bestuurskomitee van minstens sewe persone, wie in ere-hoedanigheid dien en 'n spesifieke portefeulje beklee. Daarbenewens het ons 'n betaalde deeltydse bestuurder (Patricia Ackerberg) wat hoofsaaklik, maar nie eksklusief nie, vir ons kombuisverwante dienste verantwoordelik is. Ons het formele finansiële-, menslike hulpbronne- en beroepsgesondheid en veiligheids-beleide in plek.


Lidmaatskap is oop vir alle inwoners van die Hangklip-gebied, naamlik Bettysbaai (insluitend Mooiuitsig), Pringlebaai en Rooiels, teen betaling van jaarlikse ledegelde. Die fooi is tans R30 vir individue wie se maandelikse huishoudelike inkomste nie R2 000 oorskry nie en R60 vir die res. Ons moedig elke inwoner aan om lid te word. U lidmaatskapsfooi gee u nie aleen die reg om maaltye teen gesubsidieerde tariewe te geniet nie, maar dra ook by tot die voorsiening van bekostigbare dienste aan behoeftige lede van ons gemeenskap. (Lidmaatskapnavrae: Patricia Ackerberg - 082 378 1641).

Tans is ons vernaamste (en vinnig groeiende) diens die voorsiening van gesubsidieerde maaltye op Maandae, Woensdae en Vrydae. Heerlike, voedsame etes kan in Hangklip GSS se eetkamer geniet word, of dit kan weggeneem, of selfs afgelewer word aan diegene wie nie in staat is om dit te kom haal nie. Woensdagmiddag se aansit-etes het 'n gewilde sosiale gebeurtenis geword. 'n Totaal van 3 167 etes is in 2016/17 voorsien. In die eerste vyf maande van 2017/18 is 1 905 etes voorberei, dws 'n toename van 44% teenoor die getal wat in dieselfde tydperk verlede jaar verskaf is. Afhangende van huishoudelike inkomste, wissel die prys per ete van R10 tot R35 vir 'n lid, terwyl 'n nie-lid R45 betaal.
Die kliniek word een oggend elke 8 weke bedryf, waartydens chroniese medikasie uitgedeel word en basiese mediese toetse deur gekwalifiseerde verpleegsusters uitgevoer word. 166 pasiënte is tans gelys as gebruikers van kliniekdienste. Daarbenewens is 'n wye verskeidenheid verpleeghulpmiddels beskikbaar vir tydelike uitlening.
Ons versprei tans 25 kospakkies per maand aan die behoeftiges, hoofsaaklik in die Mooiuitsig- omgewing.
Kultuur en ontspanning:
Ons is voortdurend op soek na geleenthede om kulturele en ontspanningsgeleenthede aan te bied tot voordeel van lede van die gemeenskap. In die afgelope tyd het ons vasvra-aande en 'n aangename musiek-waarderingsaand gereël. Pilates oefeninge is uiters gewild en klasse wat tweekeer per week aangebied word, is tans vol.

'n Bekommernis is die toenemende aantal bejaarde inwoners in ons gemeenskap wie ten spyte van verminderde kapasiteit om vir hulself te sorg, in hul eie huise bly voortleef, hetsy uit voorkeur of omdat geskikte alternatiewe, óf binne óf buite ons gebied, nie bekostig kan word nie.

Die aanspreek hiervan het een van Hangklip GSS se hoogste prioriteite geword. Vroeër hierdie jaar met die aanmoediging en ondersteuning van 'n forum van kerkleiers en ander belanghebbende partye uit ons gemeenskap, het ons 'n inisiatief geloods om 'n model vir 'n lewensvatbare, volhoubare tuisversorgingsdiens vir bejaardes en siekes in ons gemeenskap te ontwikkel. Die sukses hiervan is afhanklik van die totstandkoming van 'n poel van goed opgeleide versorgers – beide geakkrediteerde professionele persone en 'n ondersteunende groep toepaslik opgeleide vrywilligers. Deurlopende toesig en ondersteuning vir beide groepe sal die sleutel tot die volhoubaarheid van die diens wees.

Omdat ons nie oor die nodige kundigheid en ervaring beskik nie, het ons gesprekke met die Overstrand Hospice-beweging (gebaseer in Hermanus) aangeknoop; hulle model van opleiding en sorg stem goed ooreen met ons behoeftes. Ons is verheug om te rapporteer dat Hospice formeel ingestem het om met Hangklip GSS saam te werk om in ons gebied 'n satelliet sentrum vir tuisgebaseerde sorg, insluitende opleiding en toesig van versorgers, te ontwilkkel. Ons sal egter tot in die nuwe jaar moet wag om duidelikheid te kry oor die bepalings van hierdie ooreenkoms en om 'n plan vir die opleiding van versorgers in te stel. Maar intussen is daar baie werk wat op ons wag – om te bepaal wat die omvang van die behoefte in ons area is (hoeveel het sorg nodig, en in watter mate?) asook die bou van 'n databasis van beskikbare of potensiëel beskikbare versorgers en alle ander rolspelers en hulpbronne. Ons moet ook die wyer Hangklip-gemeenskap inlig, en die nodige bewustheid en ondersteuning genereer.

Om hierdie rede het ons besluit om op Dinsdag 17 Oktober om 12:00 'n spesiale forumbyeenkoms van belanghebbende partye by ons sentrum te Lakeside Chapel te hou om in meer besonderhede verslag te doen en die pad vorentoe te bespreek. Uit hierdie byeenkoms hoop ons ook om 'n komitee met die nodige vaardighede (en passie!) saam te stel wat hierdie projek sal help vorentoe dryf. Ons nooi enige gemeenskapslid wat graag aan hierdie forum wil deelneem, of ondersteuning wil lewer of enige kennis of idees wil bydra, om Joy Rourke: 028 272 9914 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of George Green: 083 283 4454 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. te kontak.


Ons inkomste word verkry uit ledegelde en donasies van kerke, plaaslike besighede en individue, asook fondsinsamelingsaktiwiteite en staatsubsidies. Tans is die grootste enkele bydrae tot ons inkomste uit hoofde van ons deelname aan die Departement van Maatskaplike Ontwikkeling se Ouer Persone Program. Die omvang van hierdie toekenning, waarvoor elke drie jaar heraansoek gedoen moet word, hang af van die aantal persone van 60 jaar of ouer wat voordeel trek uit Hangklip GSS-dienste – hoofsaaklik die voorsiening van etes.


Ons is 'n vrywilliger-gebaseerde organisasie en kan nie sonder ons gewillige vrywilligers funksioneer nie. Die Hangklip GSS bied die geleentheid aan individue om by gemeenskapsdiens betrokke te raak en hulself uit te leef binne die gemeenskap. Dit bevorder verder 'n gees van gemeenskaps- samehorigheid, omgee en meelewing. Ons het tans 32 vrywilligers wat betrokke is by ‘n reeks van verskeie dienste, hoewél die meeste naamlik (22) kombuisvrywilligers (kokke) is. Namate die organisasie groei, neem die behoefte aan meer vrywilligers toe. As u belangstel om by die groep van vrywilligers aan te sluit, kontak asseblief vir Patricia Ackerberg: 082 378 1641 of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.