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Hangklip Community Care Centre (HCCC) is a fully independent, registered NPO, operating from premises leased from and shared with the Lakeside Chapel, corner of Wheeler and White Roads, Betty’s Bay. Our vision is to promote a closely-knit Hangklip community (residents of Betty’s Bay, Pringle Bay and Rooi Els) in which there is mutual caring for one another, and in which problems of inadequate nutrition, loneliness, infirmity, neglect, etc., are effectively addressed. We facilitate a range of services to the community, assisted by a large team of dedicated, community-based volunteers. Such services include:

  • Nutritious and enjoyable meals provided at subsidised, affordable prices
  • Food parcels disseminated free of charge to residents who struggle to meet their basic nutritional needs
  • A clinic for dispensing chronic medication, also offering routine medical tests and access to medical/nursing aids on loan
  • Opportunities for group activities, recreation and social interaction.

These services, along with others more directly concerned with home-based care and support, underpin our HAIL (Home- based Assisted Independent Living) initiative – through which residents with diminished capacity to care for themselves, or inability to function with full independence, can be assisted to continue living in their own homes, within the community and surroundings they love, for as long as possible

Hangklip Gemeenskapsorg Sentrum (HGSS) is ‘n ten volle onafhanklike, geregistreerde nie-winsgewende organisasie. Ons werk vanuit fasiliteite wat ons by die Lakeside Chapel (h/v Wheeler- en Whitestraat, Bettysbaai) huur en met hulle deel. Ons visie is die bevordering van ‘n samehorige Hangklipgemeenskap (inwoners van Bettysbaai, Pringlebaai en Rooiels), waarin ‘n kultuur van omgee-vir-mekaar heers sodat probleme van onvoldoende voeding, eensaamheid, siekte, verwaarlosing, ensovoorts effektief aangespreek kan word. Ons fasiliteer, ‘n reeks dienste aan die gemeenskap, hoofsaaklik met behulp van vrywilligers Dit sluit in:

  • Voorsiening van voedsame en smaaklike etes teen gesubsideerde, bekostigbare pryse
  • Gratis verskaffing van kospakkies aan inwoners wat sukkel om in basiese voedingsbehoeftes te voorsien
  • ‘n Kliniekdiens vir die reseptering van chroniese medikasie, roetine mediese toetse en uitleen van basiese verpleegtoerusting
  • Geleenthede vir groeps-aktiwiteite, ontspanning en sosiale interaksie.

Hierdie dienste, tesame met ander wat meer direk betrekking het op tuis-versorging en -ondersteuning, is die onderbou vir ons HAIL (Home-based Assisted Independent Living) inisiatief, waardeur inwoners wat oor verminderde kapasiteit beskik om vir hulself te sorg, of ten minste onafhanklik te kan funsioneer, gehelp word om so lank moontlik in hulle eie wonings en binne die gemeenskap en omgewing waarvoor hulle lief is, te bly voortleef.

 (Afrikaans nuusbrief onder.)

 News from AGM 2019

Our AGM, held on 3 rd June, saw the acceptance of our annual financial statements and of detailed reports on the year’s progress towards realising our vision for the Hangklip community. These reports are available upon request. Management committee members were all re- elected, apart from one of our stalwarts, Linette Perold, whose circumstances required her to step down. She has been replaced as clinic coordinator by a newly elected member, Mandy Wiese. Currently the number of committee members (7) only just satisfies the requirements of our constitution. In view of the ongoing expansion of our portfolio of services to the community, enlarging the committee is highly desirable; for this reason, we would welcome any persons with drive and passion for community service coming forward to assist.

Expansion of Services

Services that HCCC provides to the community are constantly expanding as we attempt to meet the more urgent needs of the community. The meeting of nutritional needs through provision of meals and food parcels serves as an indication of the scope of this expansion. Over the past 3 financial years, the number of meals produced in the HCCC kitchen has grown by about 16% per year on average, from 3040 to 4485. Currently, about half of these meals are highly subsidised, being provided to financially struggling households at R10/meal, which is approximately 25% of the cost of production.

Many HCCC members who can afford to pay the full production cost per meal do so gladly – they encounter excellent value for money which derives from the high quality of meals and their relatively low cost resulting from economies of scale and kitchen overheads being kept low by maximising the services of volunteer cooks in support of our kitchen staff. As with meals, HCCC clinic facilities are benefitting a steadily and rapidly growing number of Hangklip residents, who attend at eight-weekly intervals to have basic medical observations recorded by volunteer nurses and to receive government-issued chronic medication.

Reduced affordability of private health care is probably the main reason for the rapid increase, but the friendly and caring clinic environment, the availability of refreshments for waiting patients and the opportunity to get to know and interact socially with fellow

Social and Recreational Activities

Opportunities for social interaction and recreation, which have been created or facilitated by HCCC, still remain fairly limited in number and scope. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm for and popularity of these activities suggests a hunger within the community for more such initiatives, whether they be to combat loneliness or simply to enlarge friendship circles. It was previously mentioned that the 8-weekly clinic day has, for many patients, become a social event to look forward to. So too have the weekly (Wednesday) lunches in the HCCC dining room, when a core group of about 30 people sit down together and enjoy good food and one another’s company.

social rec

The twice-weekly Pilates sessions, which commenced with a health and fitness objective, have in fact achieved much more. Participants also meet socially from time to time and within the group, close friendships and a distinct ethos of caring have evolved. Likewise the bridge group which meets twice a month, has also achieved the social interaction objective set by HCCC. Numbers are growing at a steady pace. The buzz, concentration and competitiveness sensed on a Tuesday afternoon is a clear indication of a popular activity. We had our first weekend bridge drive which not only resulted in much bridge being played and new members joining, but also raised a substantial amount towards charity.


Social interactive tea groups with support and stimulation for those in need.

In order to start widening the scope of social and recreational activities available to the more vulnerable members of our community community, especially those who may be susceptible to loneliness and lack of stimulation, we will shortly be inviting current users of HCCC subsidised services to participate in a newly formed interactive “friendship group”. The focus at the first gathering for tea on August 29 th will be on getting to know one another, and establishing individual needs and interests. We also hope to decide on an appropriate name for the group and on how best to proceed. Depending on how the initiative is received and on the range of interests and/or needs that are identified, it may ultimately be desirable to think in terms of more than one group, based on interests/needs which group members have in common.

Voluntary support for neighbours in need

We have begun to explore the possibility of developing a buddy system in which neighbours voluntarily commit to helping one another when needs arise. In doing so, similar community systems already in place will be considered, gaps identified, and pilot trials initiated in order to gain experience. We foresee that across the expanse of our three villages, there is unlikely to be a single model to suit all, and that a long road lies ahead in achieving this very fundamental tenet of our HAIL vision. It is not difficult to identify the various unmet needs in our communities. What is more challenging is to link individual needs to willing providers of assistance, and to gain acceptance on both sides in order to make such a buddy system a reality.

Educational Forum for Nurses and Carers

The educational forum, which has already been in place for three months, aims to advance the standard of home-based care and to forge a co- operative health team network, with ongoing support and feedback, in our area. The response to the programme of monthly workshops has been encouraging, with many new skills and valuable experience emerging in a growing team of enthusiastic health workers. We are grateful for the ongoing major support from the Overstrand Hospice in sustaining this initiative.

Group Art Exhibition: Dec 2019 - Apr 2020

This art exhibition, to be held at Bistro 365, Pringle Bay, is the first to be arranged by HCCC. The theme is Reflections on the Overstrand. Seven leading artists are planning to participate. The main objective is to provide local artists with a platform to exhibit and introduce their work to the Hangklip community, with a secondary objective being the raising of much-needed funds for HCCC.


membership graph

The graph shows that our membership has grown dramatically over the past three years, which means that more and more residents are taking ownership of HCCC. We need all current members to assist with the ongoing recruitment of new members in order to maximise the positive impact HCCC can have on the well- being of our Hangklip community.

Nuus uit AJV 2019

Tydens ons AJV gehou op 3e Junie is jaarlikse finansiële state aanvaar, asook gedetailleerde verslae van die jaar se vordering ten opsigte van die verwesenliking van ons visie vir die Hangklip gemeenskap. Hierdie verslae is beskikbaar op aanvraag. Bestuurskomiteelede is almal herverkies, behalwe vir Linette Perold, een van ons staatmakers wie weens persoonlike omstandighede moes uittree. Sy is as kliniek-koördineerder vervang deur nuut- verkose lid, Mandy Wiese. Die huidige aantal komiteelede (7) is die minimum wat die HGSS grondwet vereis. Vanweë die voortdurende uitbreiding van ons portefeulje van dienste aan die gemeenskap, is dit hoogs wenslik dat die getal komiteelede vermeerder word. Derhalwe sal ons dit verwelkom as enige persone met dryfkrag en ‘n passie vir gemeenskapsdiens na vore sal tree om hulp aan te bied.

Uitbreiding van Dienste

Dienste wat HGSS aan die gemeenskap voorsien word gedurig uitgebrei namate ons probeer om die meer dringende behoeftes van die gemeenskap te bevredig. Voldoening aan voedingsbehoeftes deur voorsiening van etes en kospakkies dien as maatstaf van die omvang van hierdie uitbreiding. Oor die afgelope 3 finansiële jare het die aantal etes wat in HGSS se kombuis voorberei word teen ‘n gemiddelde koers van ongeveer 16% per jaar gestyg, van 3040 tot 4485. Tans word ongeveer die helfte van die etes maksimaal gesubsideer, sodat dit teen slegs R10/ete, dws ± 25% van die produksiekoste, verkoop word aan huis- houdings wat finansieel swaarkry. Etlike HGSS- lede wie die volle produksiekoste van ± R40 kan bekostig, betaal dit met graagte – hulle geniet uitmuntende waarde vir geld, te danke aan die hoë kwaliteit van die etes en die prys wat relatief laag gehou word weens skaalvoordele en die maksimum gebruik van dienste van vrywillige kokke wat kombuis- personeel ondersteun.

Net soos etes, bevoordeel die HGSS kliniek fasiliteite ‘n vinnig-toenemende aantal Hangklip- inwoners wie elke agt weke die kliniek besoek om basiese mediese waarnemings deur vrywillige verpleegsters te laat doen en om staats-voorsiene kroniese medikasie af te haal. Die hoofoorsaak van hierdie toename is heelwaarskynlik die verminderde bekostigbaar- heid van privaat gesondheidsdienste, maar bydraende faktore is ongetwyfeld die vriendelike atmosfeer van omgee, die beskik- baarheid van verversings tydens die wag- periode en die geleentheid om mede-pasiënte te leer ken en sosiaal met hulle te verkeer.

Sosiale- and Ontspannings-aktiwiteite

Geleenthede vir sosiale omgang en ontspanning wat deur HGSS geskep of gefasiliteer is, bly steeds relatief beperk. Nieteenstaande dui die entoesiasme daarvoor en die gewildheid daarvan op ‘n groot behoefte onder die gemeenskap vir meer sodanige inisiatiewe, óf om eensaamheid te voorkom, óf om vriendskapskringe te verbreed. Voorheen is genoem dat die 8-weeklikse kliniekdag vir baie pasiënte ‘n sosiale geleentheid geword het om na uit te sien. Dieselfde kan gesê word van die weeklikse (Woensdagmiddag) aansit-etes in die HGSS eetsaal, wanneer ‘n kerngroep van omtrent 30 mense smaaklike kos asook mekaar se geselskap geniet.

sosiale ontspanning

Die oorspronklike doel van die twee-weeklikse Pilates-sessies was om gesondheid en fiksheid te bevorder, maar veel meer is daardeur bereik. Deelnemers ontmoet van tyd tot tyd ook sosiaal en binne die groep het vriendskapsbande asook ‘n kultuur van omgee ontwikkel.

Net so het die brug-groep, wat tweekeer per maand vergader, ook HGSS se sosiale- interaksie doelwit bereik. Getalle neem geleide- lik toe. Die gebrom, konsentrasie en mede- dingendheid wat op 'n Dinsdagmiddag te bespeur is, is 'n duidelike aanduiding van 'n gewilde aktiwiteit. Ons het ons eerste “bridge drive” gehou wat nie net tot gevolg gehad het dat baie brug gespeel is en nuwe lede bygevoeg is nie, maar ook dat 'n aansienlike bedrag geld aan liefdadigheid oorbetaal is.

Nuus oor HAIL

‘Vriendskapgroep’ om behoeftes vir sosiale interaksie en stimulering aan te spreek

Ten einde die omvang van beskikbare sosiale en ontspanningsaktiwiteite te begin uitbrei vir ons meer kwesbare gemeenskapslede, veral diegene wat eensaamheid en gebrek aan stimulasie mag ondervind, sal ons binnekort huidige gebruikers van HGSS gesubsideerde dienste begin uitnooi om by ‘n pas-gevormde ‘vriendskapgroep’ aan te sluit. Tydens die eerste byeekoms oor ‘n koppie tee/koffie op 29 Augustus sal die fokus wees om mekaar te leer ken en om individuele behoeftes en belange te bepaal. Ons sal ook besluit op ‘n gepaste groepsnaam en besin oor toekomstige aktiwiteie. Afhangende van hoe die inisiatief ontvang word en die reeks belange en/of behoeftes wat geïdentifiseer word, mag dit mettertyd wenslik wees om te dink aan meer as een groep, gebaseer op gemeenskaplike belange en behoeftes van lede.

Vrywillige ondersteuning van bure in nood

Ons het die moontlikheid begin verken om ‘n “buddy”-stelsel te ontwikkel waardeur bure hul vrywilliglik verbind om mekaar in gevalle van nood by te staan. In die proses sal soortgelyke reeds-bestaande gemeenskapstelsels in oën- skou geneem word, gapings geïdentifiseer word en loodsondersoeke onderneem word om ondervinding op te doen. Ons voorsien dat daar heelwaarskynlik nie ‘n enkele model is wat alle inwoners van ons drie dorpies sal pas nie en dat ‘n lang pad geloop sal moet word om hierdie fundamentele beginsel binne HAIL se visie te bereik. Dit is nie moeilik om die verskillende onvervulde behoeftes in ons gemeenskappe te identifiseer nie. 'n Groter uitdaging is om individuele behoeftes te koppel aan bereidwillige hulp-verskaffers en om aanvaarding van beide kante te verkry, sodat die 'buddy'-stelsel 'n werklikheid kan word.

Opleidingsforum vir verpleegsters en versorgers

Die opleidingsforum is reeds drie maande in plek en poog om die standaard van tuis- versorging in ons streek te bevorder en deur middel van deurlopende ondersteuning en terugvoer, 'n koöperatiewe gesondheidspan- netwerk saam te smee. Die reaksie op die program van maandelikse werkswinkels is bemoedigend – baie nuwe vaardighede en waardevolle ondervinding word deur 'n groeiende span van entoesiastiese gesond- heidswerkers opgedoen. Ons is dankbaar vir die voortgesette ondersteuning van die Overstrand Hospice met die handhawing van hierdie inisiatief.

Kunsuitstalling: Des 2019 - Apr 2020

Hierdie kunsuitstalling met die tema “Reflections on the Overstrand” by Bistro 365, Pringlebaai, is die eerste van sy soort wat HGSS reël. Sewe toonaangewende kunstaars beplan om uit te stal. Die hoofdoel is om plaaslike kunstenaars van ‘n platform te voorsien om hul werk aan die Hangklip gemeenskap bekend te stel. 'n Sekondêre doelwit is om fondse vir HGSS in te samel.


lidmaatskap grafik

Die grafiek toon die dramatise toename in HGSS-lidmaatskap oor die afgelope 3 jaar. Dit beteken dat inwoners al hoe meer eienaarskap van HGSS aanvaar. Die samewerking van alle lede word benodig om te help met deurlopende werwing van nuwe lede sodat HGSS se positiewe impak op die welstand van Hangklip- inwoners gemaksimiseer kan word.

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