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25 & 26 August 2016

'Flight for Birders' was developed to assist novices and experienced birdwatchers to become involved in birdwatching in a practical and sustainable way. Basic steps in the identification of birds will be highlighted and the identification of garden birds, water birds, birds of prey and more difficult species such as swallows, waders and 'little brown jobs' will be discussed systematically.

The course is illustrated with more than 1,600 slides and drawings. Emphasis will be placed on the further development of the Garden Route region as a top birding destination. Important conservation issues will be discussed and details will be given on how ordinary birders could become involved in conservation actions.

Costs include a practical outing, basic manuals and certificates endorsed by BirdLife South Africa. All other details available from Elaine – see below.

To register contact Elaine at 082 455 8402 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please download these:
  1. Course description - a doc file
  2. Registration form - a doc file