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We will add all the Stony Point Seabird updates to this page.



During our daily monitoring in the colony, we keep a close eye on the number of seabird breeding pairs within this area.
The population census for the sea bird breeding pairs for 2017 are indicated below:

  • African penguins: 1774 pairs
  • Bank Cormorants: 61 pairs
  • Cape Cormorants: 2807 pairs
  • Crowned Cormorants: 67 pairs
  • White breasted Cormorants: 71 pairs

You can read the entire PDF here.


2016 has been a busy year at Stony Point for the African Penguin. As the year comes to an end, we would like to give you some interesting feedback on what we've learnt inside this fascinating colony.

 Census 2016 - endangered, rare and least-vulnerable birds shown.
Click here to download the story in a PDF