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Good day Betty's Bay,

illustrations pg 2

I have been a Western leopard toad volunteer in Cape Town for the past eight years, doing the Princess Vlei and Little Princess Vlei areas as well as helping in the Constantia areas, where the toads occur, when needed.

We have been told that there could possibly be a small toad population in your town and I am hoping to spend a week there during the winter, when it's breeding season for these toads (i.e. the males go to a water body to call the females, where they mate then return "home"—your gardens!) to actively look for them.

What I would like to ask of you all so long, is to please spread the word amongst neighbors and business associates in the town, to keep an eye-out for these amazing animals. It would be great if we, as the toad committee here in CT, would be able to actually confirm a population in Betty's Bay.

Although they are prolific during the breeding season, they do not  hibernate and are seen during the rest of the year, although if the population there is rare, then it will be very difficult to spot or even find one. They like moist dark areas, like underneath a pile of leaves or even under some wood chips. Here in CT, they like drain holes (so we ask residents to put mesh over drains to save them from drowning).

I have included pictures of the toads so that they are not confused with the similar-looking sand or raucous toads.

Leopard toad
leopard toad hand sized
leopard toad in hand
An illustrated guide to leopard toads
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illustrations pg 2
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You can download this illustrated guide as a higher quality PDF here.

Should you wish more information, visit this website: https://www.leopardtoad.co.za

Thanks for your time and care in advance. Please text or email me if you have any queries.

My mobile is 079 185 7209 and my email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you,
Regards and best wishes,
Ellen Fedele

Download a PDF of this Ellen's letter here.