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By way of introducing myself I would first like to thank all members of the Betty's Bay community that have made me feel welcome. I arrived, as a permanent resident, with my husband, Pete Oxford about a year ago. My parents live here and we decided to be closer as time moves on for them. So, leaving Ecuador, South America, our home for some 30 years, here we are! We are a professional wildlife photographer team and also own an expedition travel company. As such we have been privileged to have traveled to every continent many times and witnessed some incredible things along the way.

Pete Oxford Baboon

Somewhat nomadic in spirit we have long had half an eye open for a place to resettle—somewhere extraordinary, wild and unspoiled. Serious contenders along the way included Tasmania, Fiji, Southern Spain, the Falkland Islands and even Zimbabwe in its day. It was not until we came here that we finally knew we had found the place.

Looking through outsider's eyes we have not yet taken things for granted and, indeed hope we never will. This place is truly stunning, on a world level and deserves all the love and care we can muster to keep it that way. With the amazing community that we have so far discovered it is with a great sense of pride that I have agreed to come onboard the BBRA committee to work on issues related to Betty's Bay conservation.

If you would like to understand more about who we are I invite you to look at our photographic website: www.peteoxford.com and our travel company website www.peteoxfordexpeditions.com

I'm looking forward to more and more of you joining the BBRA and becoming involved at a conservation level.

Reneé Bish