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Let’s help our wildlife, particularly during these hot spells (one of the hottest on record) and after the fires, by providing lots of drinking stations. In this case we have placed a shallow ceramic bowl filled with pebbles and then added water up to the brim. This gives the bees and other insects some purchase on the pebbles, allowing them to drink safely without falling into the water and drowning. On especially hot days you can even add some ice cubes!

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The low volume of water evaporates quickly and should be topped up everyday. Another measure by which we can help our indigenous insects is to plant your garden with as much native flora as possible. One reason, in particular is that some insect species are very specific on the type of plants they require, especially on which to lay their eggs. Take butterflies for example, one of the main goals of an adult butterfly is to lay eggs on a plant that its caterpillars have evolved to feed on. Without those plants you won’t attract those butterflies. Invasive insects are usually a lot less fussy about the plants they can use and therefore quickly become dominant in gardens devoid of native flora.