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humpback pectoral fin wikimedia
By Milan Nykodym. Licenced cc-by-sa-2.0.

 We were in a meeting on the shore of Betty's Bay today when we got a call about a lot of commotion in the water off Sunny Seas. Was it the orcas?? Jumping up we got to see and watch a great display by a big humpback whale close to shore, probably about 30 tons. He was flipper flapping (a real term), slapping the water hard with his long pectoral fins. Usually the humpies are more active at the beginning of the season as they announce their presence and become boisterous in the excitement of the build up to mating. Once you see the large pectoral fin of a humpback whale it cannot be confused with any other. It gets to about 15 feet long!! Even their Latin name Megaptera novaeangliae means 'long-winged New Englander'.