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dead puffadder shyshark main beach bettysbay may 2019
Photograph © Pete Oxford

I walk Main Beach, Betty's Bay, everyday, proud to live alongside this designated Marine Protected Area ("MPA"—Ed). Yet, nearly every day I find another dead Puffadder Shyshark on the beach discarded by fishermen.

If you catch one guys, Put It Back Alive! Our MPA is suffering enough as it is from blatant, uncontrolled abalone poaching. Let's not be part of the problem too. Even These little sharks may be annoying to a fisherman but they are pretty cool, harmless (and necessary).

They are classified as Near Threatened, which means they are not in good shape already. When threatened they curl up like a doughnut to make themselves harder to swallow! They only live in South Africa. We should be proud of them.