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Betty’s Bay neighbourhoods are experiencing lots of visits from the baboons since the fire. I urge you all to read this article written by Jocelyn Mormet , who has been studying the baboon troop in Rooi Els. I have visited many homes, especially in the Sunny Seas area, who are upset with the amount on visitations they are getting.

Almost everyone I have been to has some kind of food out for the birds, mongoose or porcupines. They say they are not feeding the baboons—however baboons are omnivores - they eat anything! They love bird seed, they love porcupine veggies and they don’t mind eating mongoose meat! There is so much food out there for these animals. Have you seen a skinny baboon in our troop? Do they have lots of babies? Wild food has less calories so they’ll be occupied for longer if they forage naturally.

Please also encourange neighbours not to feed any animals. We are in the process of setting up a Betty’s Bay Baboon Action Group. In the meantime please do not hurt these animals. We live in a Biosphere Reserve and they are important to our eco system. They are also a lot of fun to watch. Go outside and just walk with them!

20190625 BaboonVisitor 5963
Avoid this by being aware of food
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Enjoy their natural behaviour
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..out in the fynbos!

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