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Betty’s Bay and Kleinmond baboon troops are one and the same. Today we responded to another call-out that a baboon troop was inside the residential area of Palmiet village. We soon found them walking through people’s yards, feeding on fruiting trees and foraging on lawns. We have been with them pretty much every day for the last couple of weeks. They are very relaxed around us and we are getting to know individuals.

20190703 baboons return up the mountain
After a couple of hours feeding in Palmiet Village they crossed the R44
and went back up into the mountain.
20190703 stumpytail and dogs
This is Stumpy Tail, a juvenile who is well know in Betty’s Bay.

One very positive outcome of todays visit was that we confirmed 100% that this was the very same troop that has been in the Sunny Seas area.

There is a Palmiet WhatsApp baboon alert group which seemed pretty effective in relaying the whereabouts of the visitors and after discussion with one resident an idea came to mind whereby a community, such as Palmiet, Sunny Seas, Jock’s Bay or the Caltex garage area in Betty’s Bay for example could each have a dedicated baboon-only siren/whistle to alert residents in the area.

This would have to be manned of course by someone. What do you all think of that idea?