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Betty's Bay Baboon Action Group LOgo

There will be no baboon management programme in Betty’s Bay during the Easter weekend.  The baboon management programme for Betty’s Bay has not been finalised yet. A trial period will be implemented as soon as discussions with the service provider has been finalised.  The trial period will encompass the evaluation of different baboon management techniques from the shepherding approach to the use of more assertive aversion techniques such as the use of paintball markers, bear bangers and the Virtual Fence.  The trial period will run for 3 to 4 weeks in order to evaluate the success of each of these techniques or the use of a combination of these. 

The objective of the Overstrand Municipality, through this “Adaptive Management” approach is to find a balanced implementation plan that will fulfil our mandate which is to ensure the “sustainable management of baboon troops by keeping them out of the urban area”.  In order to find this balance we need to engage with the community from both sides of the fence but we also need to keep our eye on the reward and that is the protection of our wildlife.  The Overstrand Municipality envisage to complete the trial period by end of April 2021 after which a baboon management programme will be presented to the Western Baboon Liaison Group.

It is essential that all community members work together this Easter Weekend to keep our baboons out of harm’s way by not allowing certain attractants in and around your home.

  • Do not have fruit visible on fruit trees, fruit should be harvested in baboon-affected areas to remove this attractant for baboons.

  • Avoid planting fruit trees.

  • Close windows and doors during the day if you do not have burglar bars.

  • Install baboon-proof burglar bars where possible, 8cm apart.

  • Enclose vegetable gardens and compost heaps or surround them with an electric fence. 

  • Do not feed birds or other small animals.

  • Do not have invasive tree species such as New Zealand Christmas Trees and water berries that attract baboons and draw them into the urban area. These trees need to be pruned so that they do not flower and bear fruit.

  • NEVER feed baboons. They will return to your property again and again!

  • Ensure you have a lockable bin. All bins used in baboon-affected areas should be baboon-proof and locked.

  • Refuse bags should not be left lying open on the sidewalk, easily available to baboons.

  • Secure your bin off the ground to a wall or pole. Baboons have difficulty opening upright bins as their own weight keeps the lid shut.

  • Keep the bin locked on collection day.

  • Store your bin in a lockable refuse room, garage or shed.

  • Secure both latches with padlocks or clips at all times.

  • Secure your bin lid with strap, rope or chain.

  • Knock a pole in the ground and attach your bin to the pole. 

  • Warn your neighbours when baboons are in the vicinity so that they can close their doors and windows.

  • When a baboon is in your garden or house, stand still and remain calm.

  • Back away slowly and do not block its escape route.

  • Try to snatch back anything from a baboon ─ it may become aggressive

  • Threaten infants and juveniles, as adults, in particular the alpha male, will protect them if necessary


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December 2020
Baboon Bins Information
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After much debate between various stakeholders regarding the proposed Baboon Management programme, the Betty's Bay Baboon Action Group (BBBAG) and Renee Bish of the BBRA Conservation/Baboon portfolio submitted a proposal for Bettys Bay to the Overstrand Municipality. It is gratifying to have a collaborative relationship with the OM to navigate a way forward. A top baboon scientist working with the City of Cape Town is on public record as saying that the current baboon management protocols in operation elsewhere, are impractical in Betty's Bay, largely due to the dramatic topography here. For Betty's Bay they recommend a co-existence approach.

Here is the BBBAG/BBRA proposal:


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November 2020
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