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After much debate between various stakeholders regarding the proposed Baboon Management programme, the Betty's Bay Baboon Action Group (BBBAG) and Renee Bish of the BBRA Conservation/Baboon portfolio submitted a proposal for Bettys Bay to the Overstrand Municipality. It is gratifying to have a collaborative relationship with the OM to navigate a way forward. A top baboon scientist working with the City of Cape Town is on public record as saying that the current baboon management protocols in operation elsewhere, are impractical in Betty's Bay, largely due to the dramatic topography here. For Betty's Bay they recommend a co-existence approach.

Here is the BBBAG/BBRA proposal:


Betty's Bay Baboon Action Group Proposal for Baboon Management
As submitted to the Overstrand Municipality
15th October, 2020


Betty's Bay is a village 13 kms in length, sandwiched in a thin strip of low-lying, often waterlogged, terrain between the ocean and the Hottentot Holland Mountain range. It is incorporated into the UNESCO designated Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve.

The village is divided into neighbourhoods along its length, each with varying degrees of baboon interactions.

Betty's Bay is growing quickly both as existing homeowners make a permanent move here as well as new buyers moving in from a much more urbanized life style. We maintain that as custodians of the Biosphere we are all bound in the responsibility of its wellbeing. The ethos of the Biosphere is to maintain biodiversity in a sustainable manner and to promote the co-existence of Man and wildlife. There is both a civic and a private duty to uphold these values.

We, in Betty's Bay, have been badly let down by the Overstrand Municipality with regard to adequate and responsible waste management, both household and municipal. For several years we have listened to empty promises to resolve the most pressing issues. In the meantime our baboon troop has learned the potential reward of a black plastic rubbish bag and has begun to target them more and more determinedly. Covid-19 lockdown did not help the human/baboon conflict situation with many more residents staying for lengthy periods and generating much more non baboon-compliant refuse.

We find ourselves in a situation where, to live in harmony with our wildlife, baboons in particular, we require some kind of monitoring. We recognize the need for a certain kind of baboon monitoring style.

What are the issues with the current regime?

What is our proposal?

How do we propose this?

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