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Every year residents and visitor alike welcome the New Year with spectacular fireworks displays, a spectacle most people enjoy, provided those who practice this custom observe the rules and regulations, play it safe and are considerate. For the sake of both man and beast, fireworks may only be discharged between the hours of 23h00 and 01h00 on New Year’s Eve at the following prescribed location: KLEINMOND MAIN BEACH.

Please remember that all rockets and airborne fireworks must be set off over the ocean to reduce the possibility of descending into fynbos and/or mountain areas. Organised fireworks/pyrotechnics displays are limited to traditional locations and will only be permitted with the consent from the Chief Fire Officer.

Discharging fireworks from any other area (including your own backyard) and at any other time will result in a hefty fine and could even see transgressors spending the first part of your new year in jail. You can be assured that Law Enforcement Agencies will take action against any person who acts irresponsibly outside the prescribed legislation.

Note too, that the use of any flame-emitting device, specifically Chinese lanterns and emergency flares, is prohibited by law. So, people, be sensible and don’t even think about setting off these items since you have no way of knowing where they might land, causing a fire and resulting in tragedy for others. Remember that you will be held liable for any damages caused. Finally, be considerate! If everyone sticks to the stipulated terrains and times,  animosity between neighbours and the distress this custom causes for animals, can be kept to a minimum.

Any special requests regarding fireworks displays and/or other enquiries must be directed to the Chief Fire Officer on 028 313 8980 during office hours.