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About the Biosphere

Some facts about our area:

Betty’s Bay is situated within the buffer/transitional zone of the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve and it is important to think of the Biosphere as not only a floral kingdom, but to take into account the entire ecosystem. The Kogelberg area was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and Betty’s Bay was awarded Conservancy status.

Visitors continue to visit our area because of the beautiful Fynbos, beaches and the peace and quiet. However, so many fail to endeavour to abide by the simple rules of keeping our area clear of litter and adhering to the simple rules and regulations that exist.

We often experience extremely heavy rains and unfortunately many of our roads are affected. We would request all our visitors and community to please drive carefully, the municipality is really trying their best to correct the situation.

Hints on the preservation of this paradise.

We sincerely trust that you will help to keep Betty’s Bay the lovely, peaceful village that keeps bringing you back to visit us.