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Bettysbaai / Betty’s Bay reënval / rainfall

Follow this article to get the updates of the spreadsheet and chart of rainfall in Betty's Bay. [Apologies for the mistakes in the 2018 rainfall since February. Mea culpa. I hope I've got it right now — Ed.]

Summary of Rainfall in 2017

Applying an index figure of 100 to the year 2015, the scores were:

Stel ons 2015 gelyk aan 100, is die metings soos volg:

Year/Jaar Scores/Metings
2015 100
2016 105.39
2017 90.22


The spreadsheets
The Chart reflecting 2016, 2017 and 2018
rainfall 2016vs2017vs2018
Each monthly total includes the last month — it's a running total.