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  • Keep a list of emergency numbers prominently displayed at or near the telephone. An Emergency Contact list is published monthly in the Buzz;
  • Never open a door to an unexpected visitor;
  • Avoid walking alone, particularly in isolated places;
  • Arrange with reliable neighbours for reciprocal surveillance when away from home for any length of time;
  • Leave interior lights on when away somewhere at night. As our areas do not have street lights we need to take special precautions as criminal elements are easily able to remain concealed;
  • Ensure that residences are easily approachable and free from concealed means such as shrubbery and trees;
  • Consider the installation of movement sensor activated lights at front and back doors;
  • A watch dog is a good early warning system especially if kept close to the owner or inside the house;
  • Be familiar with your environment. Be constantly on the look-out for suspicious looking characters or vehicles and do not hesitate to report them to the SAPS and/or the NW;
  • Ensure that Erf numbers are clearly and prominently displayed for emergency purposes;
  • Ensure that all windows can be properly locked and are burglar proofed. This will also prevent invasion by baboons;
  • Never sleep with windows open unless burglar proofing is fitted, even in upper storey rooms where a window is situated near a drainpipe;
  • Ensure that external doors are fitted with adequate locks;
  • Never leave door keys hanging in the door;
  • Don’t leave spare keys lying around in your house. Place them in a safe place;
  • Firearm owners must ensure that their firearms are kept safe at all times. Firearms must always be under your direct control or locked away in a firearm safe;
  • Never leave ladders, axes and spades outside. These are potential house-breaking tools and weapons;
  • Ensure that an intruder detection system is connected directly to a security company providing a 24 hour service. Ensure that the system is always activated when away from home. Ensure that the system is periodically checked and maintained and upgraded where necessary;
  • When out walking always make sure that your cellphone is concealed. Never leave cellphones lying on a seat in the car;
  • Be alert at all times to any strangers, perhaps disguised as workmen or vendors, who may be loitering in the neighbourhood. Also be aware of job seekers;
  • Look out for suspicious vehicles that cruise the area at intervals and who may be keeping houses under observation. People and/or vehicles giving rise to suspicion should be reported to the SAPS, along with the fullest possible personal and vehicle descriptions;
  • Ensure that front and back doors are not left open or unlocked;
  • Keep garage doors closed and locked;
  • Ensure that valuable items are not left on seats in cars parked at unprotected and isolated areas. Rather keep them locked away in the boot;
  • Never leave car keys in the ignition when away from the car;
  • Keep a list of the make, model and serial numbers of electrical appliances and other valuable equipment should it be required for investigation purposes. (Suggestion: Photograph your devices and numbers and then email those images to yourself; that way you'll have a record that's always (one hopes) available.)