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Slightly less than a year ago my wife and I arrived with all our worldly possessions in our beautiful and, judging from the appearance, a very tranquil, Betty’s Bay. I am not one of the ordinary ‘incomers’. In fact, for many years I have owned a plot in our town and I have enjoyed many holidays here. Also, I am a true ‘Capey’ in that I started life in Tiervlei, which later was renamed Parow Vallei.

Currently my little writing den is a crowded corner amidst lots of furniture covered in dust sheets in a dining room doubling as bedroom where we have to fold away a sleeping couch when day arrives. I am sure many of you have survived the camping stage of a house subjected to alterations and extensions. The seemingly eternal battle against building dust and rubble is just never won.

Where is Betty’s Bay heading? How is it going to change in the future?

Names are not the only things that nowadays change. We live in a dynamic society. Change happens all the time and is often presented as progress. All this makes me wonder: Where is Betty’s Bay heading? How is it going to change in the future?

Do we, the residents, really want change, and if so, what kind of change? There is an old saying stating that ‘only babies look forward to a change’, but it is a fact that some change might be absolutely necessary. Some changes are true improvements solving problems brought about by new conditions or an environment that have changed. Some change might favour some and be to the disadvantage of others. It is clear that change should never be considered without due care.

It is clear that change should never be considered without due care.

All decisions regarding change require a sound awareness of all the possible consequences and also how it will affect the affected groups of people, now and in the future. For this reason I am going to consult the members of the BBRA frequently and on an ongoing basis to gather their opinions and also to gain more insight in the matters at hand.

The planned N2 Toll project that often crops up in the media will, if it becomes a reality, affect the nature of Betty’s Bay and Clarence Drive and especially so if the R44 through Betty’s Bay becomes the favourite route for traffic evading toll fees.

Such increased traffic will definitely spoil the tranquil nature of our town, but it is equally true that the passing traffic might promote more business along the road. A higher traffic density will possibly generate more traffic accidents and will surely increase traffic noise along Clarence Drive.

We might have to face changes. We must know which other matters are regarded as being of paramount importance by Betty’s Bay ratepayers and which are requiring urgent action.

I invite you to share your observations, fears, opinions and other emotions about the future of Betty’s Bay so I can be fully aware of what would be of prime importance to the Betty’s Bay ratepayer. For instance, should Betty’s Bay modernise, or should it strive to retain its existing character? Let me hear your opinions!

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Rudi Perold,
Chairman: BBRA