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Every contribution will be matched during the month of February.

I came into contact with Pikkewyntjies Pre-Primary school two years ago, after having lived in Betty’s Bay on-and-off since I was a child. Since then, I have visited the school and connected with the team, and of course the children. This is a most extraordinary environment, and the community is unbelievably lucky to have the pre-school and people like Zaan and her staff.

 It is wonderful to see what the team have done. The Pikkewyntjies Pre-School serves the most needy, disadvantaged families in the region. Every one of thechildren come from a background which is socioeconomically stressed, and without this school, these 38 children would be left without the educational support that they need.

It is also clear that the poor economic times we all face are being felt terribly hard by this school. The state provides almost no support, and corporate donations are reducing. The expenses to run the school continue to rise substantially, and the school is under major financial pressure. I have also heard that a portion of the community members who previously contributed to the school have reduced their support. Some have done this in anger at the recent spike in crime, which is thought to have certain perpetrators within the Mooiuitsig communities.

We need to respond positively and actively. We need to try everything possible to create jobs for the community, so that they do not have to resort to crime. Secondly, we need to support the children even more, so that they do not become victims of the same cycles of poverty and crime. Without this school supporting these children to able to make better choices, our community will be ravaged by even more crime in the future!

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Thus, I am writing to challenge the Rooiels, Pringle and Betty’s Bay to join me in raising money for Pikkewyntjies. My family will create an “incentive fund” of R25,000, and this will be used to match any contribution from another family made in February 2016. If your generosity pushes us to the max, we will have a total of R50,000 raised for the school, and we will then look to the possibility of setting up a trust fund for the school.

Join us in showing our appreciation to Zaan and her team for what they do, and starting a legacy project to protect these children and the community in the long term.

The Pikkewyntjies bank details are as follows:

First National Bank cheque account
Account number: 62147034988
Branch code: 200412

If you do decide to contribute to the school, please inform Zaan that you have done so. She would like to thank you. She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please ensure that the words “Funding”, followed by your surname appear on the school’s bank statement.