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The African Penguin

The South African population of the African Penguin, 2015 census: 19000 breeding pairs or 38000 adult breeding penguins, of which Stony Point supports 13% of the national breeding stock of this endangered species.

African Penguin Annual Moult

African Penguin Chick Boulstering Project

This conservational intervention currently aligns with the actions and tasking as required and as per Government Gazette #36996, 31 October 2013 – Department of Environmental Affairs pertaining to Objective 4.2.6 and Action of the Biodiversity Management Plan for the African Penguin.

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Summary of 2015 African Penguin Colony Occurrences [January to December]


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Cape Cormorant

This species is currently listed as an endangered sea bird, owing to population decline.



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Bank Cormorant

This species is currently listed as an endangered seabird, owing to population decline. There is a breeding population of 220 pairs in South Africa. [Namibia supports the largest population of this species.]


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Crowned Cormorant

With fewer than 2000 breeding pairs in the home range, this is one of the rarest birds in the world.



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Black Oystercatcher

This is a vulnerable shorebird breeding species that predominantly breeds in and along the coastal fringe, just above high tide levels – in sandy shore lines and it forages in the rocky intertidal zone.