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Dear member; Beste lid


The increase in Covid cases in Overstrand is quite dramatic:

18 June – 199; 21 June – 250; 23 June – 273; 28 June – 438 and on 2 July 515.

There can be no doubt that the third wave has arrived and that it poses a real threat - especially for our elderly members. We urge you to make use of the vaccination service on Thursday 15 and 29 July in the Crassula Hall from 09h30 onwards. NOTE: Only every second week as stated above. After some disappointments with no or limited vaccine doses being allocated to us we now can continue at a more rapid pace. On 1 July 138 doses of vaccine were administered.

This initiative of the Hangklip Community Care Centre and supported by the BBRA is driven by volunteers from our local community and serves the residents from the Hangklip area (Rooiels, Pringle Bay and Betty’s Bay).

The new restrictions prevented us from having our scheduled meeting but portfolio holders did submit their reports and some of the contents are reported on below.


Residents can now send a WhatsApp message for a vacuum tanker service to 081 751 0170 and simply provide the date, your name, surname, street address, erf number and area.


Please ensure that your domestic waste is placed in an animal proof bin on the sidewalk in time for the refuse collection team.

You are also reminded of two recyclers of waste. The first is a local business person, Egon Swarts, who has been collecting recyclable waste on Wednesdays in parts of Betty’s Bay. A more structured collection service is being developed whereby he will collect all recyclable waste (including e-waste) as from 11h00 on Wednesdays in Sunny Seas. This service could progressively be expanded to the rest of Betty’s Bay. He will also collect by appointment (061 385 9246) provided that the volume warrants a special trip. The only requirements are that there should be no food or wet waste in the bag placed on the sidewalk and that no milk cartons, egg boxes, plastic milk bags or Styrofoam cups and trays should be included.

Another service provider, exclusively on e-waste, is NC-Electronix who can be contacted on 021 879 2288 (ask for Heidine or Clifford) or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This firm collects per appointment.


The ideal of having an own sub- fire station is progressing slowly but surely. The last meeting with the Municipality on 10 June was very positive and the concept is fully supported. Various legal, planning and financial hurdles have still to be overcome.

More Fire Wise tips:

  • Be extra careful if your house is on a slope and subjected to south-easterly winds – fires naturally move up a slope.

  • Create a fire break when adjacent to a vacant plot or natural area. It will not stop a fire but creates a defendable space.

  • For wood framed or thatch roof houses keep all vegetation to not higher than 20cm around the house.

  • Remove or place all outside electrical wiring in a conduit.

  • Check the position of your nearest fire hydrant. If not clearly visible clear area in vicinity thereof or advise the Municipality.

Phone 028 312 2400 for fires and emergencies.


In spite of vehicle check points being regularly conducted there has been no speed checking for at least 3 months. This is inter alia due to no calibrated equipment being available and the appointment of a new service provider still going through a cumbersome, legally prescribed bidding process.

As an interim measure some committee members have decided to strictly adhere to the 80 km/h speed limit on Clarence Drive and NOT to move over to the yellow lane when speeding vehicles (barring emergency vehicles) come from behind thus forcing these drivers to also obey the speed limit. There is no legal obligation to move over to the yellow lane which serves as an emergency lane and for vehicles that for some reason or other had to pull over to that lane e g repairing a flat tyre.

The Municipality has been informed that this may become a community based protest action against the inaction of the Municipality.

A further meeting with the Municipality and its consulting engineers took place on 24 June as a result of which the Municipality again undertook to meet with the provincial roads engineer to find a solution to the excessive speeding and the problem areas at Porter West, the Betty’s Bay CBD and the Penguin Café/Coffee on Clarence areas.


Crime has been very low thanks to the SAPS, the private security companies and the Betty’s Bay Neighbourhood Watch. Your contact for the NHW is Wayne Jackson 082 928 1260 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Poaching can be reported to SAPS in Kleinmond on 028 271 8200 or CapeNature at 082 453 0835 or DEFF Fisheries on 028 313 2703.


The Betty’s Bay Gravel Street Condition Survey commenced on 13 May 2021. Five volunteers have completed 165 surveys. Based on these numeric assessments, 76% of roads require corrective maintenance, 15% routine maintenance and 9% rehabilitation. Routine maintenance requires scheduled grading, patching of potholes and ruts and the limited importation of gravel. Corrective maintenance requires the importation of material to create a new wearing course of compacted gravel and shaping to achieve a cross fall to ensure proper drainage from the road surface. Rehabilitation consists of major road improvement works.

The results of this survey have been submitted to the Municipality to assist it in speeding up the maintenance of gravel roads according to the evaluated conditions.

Technical service complaints can brought to the attention of Rob Boyd at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Richard Starke at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will follow this up.


The newly appointed service provider is making good progress with the installation of larger diameter pipes, fire hydrants and pressure reduction valves. The inconvenience and temporary damage to sidewalks and road verges is a small price to pay for this dramatic and much needed improvement.


More summonses have been issued for illegal occupancy/slow building/illegal structures.

Dead vegetation littering a plot in Ferraria has through persistent follow-ups from the BBRA now been removed.

The town-planning applications/appeals concerning 2666 corner Coral/Porter (communication antenna), 5580 Coral (SPAR/TOPS) and 4043 Gerbera (rezoning from filling station to business) are all still under consideration by the Municipality


The revival of the Betty’s Bay Conservancy (BBC) is going strong under the guidance of Carol Clark. Contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. A new wildlife magazine is also available.


If required, you can also obtain further information from our website where more recent news will be placed. To supplement this newsletter and the website we have our own Facebook page. You can find it at: https://www.facebook.com/BettysBayRatepayers

Please encourage your friends to join and strengthen our numbers and voice. Application forms can be found on our website www.bettysbay.info Address any BBRA related enquiries to Adrian de Kock at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Beste lid


Die Covid-infeksiekoers in Overstrand is dramaties:

18 Junie – 199; 21 Junie – 250; 23 Junie – 273; 28 Junie – 438 en op 2 Julie 515.

Daar is geen twyfel meer dat die derde vlaag met ons is en dat dit ‘n wesenlike bedreiging inhou – veral vir ons ouer lede. Jy word aangemoedig om vanaf 09h30 ons inentingsdiens op Donderdag 15 en 29 Julie in die Crassulasaal te gebruik. Let Wel: Slegs elke tweede week soos vermeld. Na ‘n teleurstellende tyd waartydens ons min of geen entstowwe ontvang het, kan ons nou begin spoed optel. Op 1 Julie is 138 dosisse entstof toegedien.

Hierdie inisiatief van die Hangklip Community Care Centre en die BBBV word deur vrywilligers uit die gemeenskap gedryf en bedien die inwoners van die Hangklipgebied (Rooiels, Pringlebaai en Bettysbaai).

Die nuwe inperkings het meegebring dat ons nie ons beplande vergadering kon hou nie, maar die portefeuljehouers het wel vorderingsverslae ingedien en meer daaroor verskyn hieronder.


Inwoners kan nou ‘n suigtenkdiens per WhatsApp reël deur ‘n boodskap na 081 751 0170 met die datum, jou naam en van, straatadres, erfnommer en woonbuurt te stuur.


Maak asb seker dat jou huishoudelike afval betyds in ‘n dierbestande houer op die sypaadjie uitgesit word.

Onthou dat twee herwinnaars in ons gebied bedrywig is.

Die eerste is ‘n plaaslike sakeman, Egon Swarts, wat vanaf 11h00 op Woensdae herwinbare afval by wonings in Sunny Seas sal kollekteer waarna die diens hopelik na die res van Betty’sbaai uitgebrei kan word. Hy sal ook per afspraak (061 385 9246) herwinbare afval kollekteer mits die volume dit loon.

Die enigste vereiste is dat daar geen voedselreste of nat afval en ook nie eierdose, melkkartonne, plastiese melksakkies of Styrofoam koppies en bakkies in die sak wat op die sypaadjie geplaas kan word, moet wees nie.

Die ander diensverskaffer, wat slegs elektroniese afval herwin, is NC-Electronix wat by 021 879 2288 (vra vir Heidine of Clifford) of by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. gekontak kan word.


Nog ‘n paar brandslimwenke:

  • Wees veral bedag wanneer jy ‘n skuins erf het en let op die suidooster se invloed – brande neig om opwaarts te beweeg.

  • Skep ‘n skoon area wanneer jou erf grens aan ‘n oop erf of ‘n natuurgebied. Dit sal nie die brand stuit nie, maar wel ruimte vir brandbestryding skep.

  • Houtraamhuise en grasdakke kan beveilig word deur te verseker dat plantegroei om die huis tot ‘n hoogte van 20cm beperk word.

  • Verwyder buitenshuise kragdrade of plaas dit in veilige leipyp.

  • Stel vas waar die naaste brandkraan is. Indien dit nie duidelik sigbaar is nie, maak die omgewing skoon of versoek die Munisipaliteit om dit te doen.

Skakel 028 312 2400 vir brande, vloede of mediese nood


Nieteenstaande gereelde voorstaandienste is geen spoedbeheer die afgelope 3 maande of meer toegepas nie. Dit is onder andere daaraan te wyte dat toerusting nie gekalibreer was nie en die aanstelling van ‘n nuwe diensverskaffer nog ‘n uitgerekte, wetlikvoorgskrewe tenderproses moes deurgaan.

As ‘n tussentydse maatreël het sommige komiteelede besluit om streng by die 80km/h spoedperk te bly en nie oor die geel streep na die noodbaan oor te beweeg nie. Sodoende word verkeer (uitgesonderd noodvoertuie) verplig om die snelheidsperk te gehoorsaam. Daar is geen wetlike vepligting om na die noodbaan oor te beweeg nie aangesien dit bedoel is om noodvoertuie te akkommodeer of vir die aftrek van ‘n voertuig byvoorbeeld om ‘n pap wiel om te ruil.

Die Munisipaliteit is hieroor ingelig en dit mag tot verdere gemeenskapsprotesaksie teen die gebrek aan optrede deur die Munisipaliteit lei.

‘n Verdere vergadering met die Munisipaliteit en sy raadgewende ingenieurs het op 24 Junie plaasgevind. Die Munisipaliteit het weer onderneem om die oormatige spoed en die knelpunte by Porterweg-Wes, die sentrale sakegebied en die omgewing van Penguinkafee/Coffee on Clarence met die provinsiale padingenieur op te neem.


Danksy die SAPD, die privaat sekerheidsmaatskappye en die Bettysbaai Buurtwag was daar bykans geen misdaad nie. Kontak Wayne Jackson by 082 928 1260 of by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indien jy by die Buurtwag betrokke wil raak.

Stropery kan aan die SAPD in Kleinmond by 028 271 8200 of by Natuurbewaring by 082 453 0835 of by Seevisserye by 028 313 2703 gerapporteer word.


Die ondersoek na Bettysbaai se gruispaaie het op 13 Mei 2021 begin. Vyf vrywilligers het 165 evaluerings voltooi. Hieruit blyk dit dat 76% van paaie regstellende optrede benodig, 15% roetine instandhouding en 9% rehabilitasie. Roetine instandhouding beteken geskeduleerde padskraping, die opvul van slagagte en slote en beperkte gruisaanvulling. Regstellende instandhouding vereis die voorsiening van gruis om ‘n nuwe oppervlak te vorm en ook ‘n skuinsval aan te bring ten einde behoorlike waterafloop te verkry. Rehabilitasie is grootskaalse verbeteringe.

Die uitkomste van hierdie evaluerings is aan die Munisipaliteit voorsien sodat dit die instandhouding van gruispaaie kan vergemaklik en bespoedig.

Tegniese klagtes kan onder die aandag van een van die volgende komiteelede gebring word: Rob Boyd by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of Richard Starke by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Die nuwe diensverskaffer maak goeie vordering. Waar die netwerk met groter deursnee waterpype vervang word, word ook brandkrane en drukverligtingskleppe aangebring. Die ongerief en tydelike skade aan sypaadjies en motoropritte is ‘n geringe opoffering gemeet aan die waarde van so ‘n belangrike en noodsaaklike diens.


Verdere dagvaardings vir onwettige okkupasie, stadige bouwerk en onwettige strukture is uitgereik.

Dooie plantmateriaal wat ‘n erf in Ferraria vir ‘n lang tyd ontsier het, is op volgehoue aandrang van die BBBV verwyder.

Die stadsbeplanningsaansoeke/appèlle ten opsigte van erf 2666 hoek van Coral/Porter (Kommunikasie-antenna), erf 5580 Coral(SPAR/TOPS) en 4043 Gerbera (Vulstasie na besigheid hersonering) is almal nog onder oorweging.


Die herinstelling van Bettysbaai as bewaringsgebied vorder goed onder leiding van Carol Clark. Belangstellendes kan haar by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. kontak.

Die nuwe omgewingstydskrif vir ons gebied is ‘n uitvloeisel van hierdie inisiatief.


Waar nodig, sal daar op ons webtuiste meer volledige en onlangse nuusgebeure gevind kan word.Ter aanvulling van ons nuusbrief en webtuiste het ons ook ons eie Facebookblad. Die besonderhede is:

https:// www.facebook.com./BettysBayRatepayers

Moedig asseblief ander inwoners aan om by ons aan te sluit – aansoekvorms is op ons webtuiste www.bettysbay.info beskikbaar.

Rig enige navrae aan Adrian de Kock by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.