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Following the events of the 19 th August 2021 at which there was an attempt to orchestrate a land invasion close to Mooiuitsig, the BBRA notes the following:

  1. There is frustration within the Mooiuitsig community regarding the perceived imbalance between the demands made by the residents of the informal settlements in Kleinmond and those of the Mooiuitsig residents.
  2. There is evidence to suggest that the administration in the OM Kleinmond Office have contributed to the levels of frustration within the Mooiuitsig community.
  3. There has been some form of political opportunism by opposition political parties according to information provided by Councillor Fanie Krige. Representatives of such parties were seen to be on site during the “land invasion”
  4. There are grievances arising from the community regarding the reluctance of OM to use unemployed Mooiuitsig residents for municipal projects.
  5. The land invasion was well handled and resolved by the OM and cognisance was taken of the issues raised by the Mooiuitsig community.
  6. Following the resolution of the land invasion, there is a list of demands given to OM by the Mooiuitsig community in which they have requested amongst others additional housing and sporting facilities for the youth.
  7. The BBRA has attempted to include a representative of Mooiuitsig onto the committee so that the BBRA could include their issues onto our agenda. This unfortunately has failed as the intimidation factor brought to bear on possible candidates has prevailed.
  8. The Ward Committee, in which BBRA represent the greater Bettys Bay, is the official channel through which communities can influence the municipal budget and unfortunately Mooiuitsig is not adequately represented in this system as mentioned in point 7 above.
  9. In order to ensure that the grievances of this community are heard a concerted effort needs to be made by OM to include them in the formal structures.