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Minutes of the Committee Meeting of 31 March 2015 at 16H00 at 4011 Diastella Road, Betts Bay


Heinie Foot, Adrian de Kock & Hilda van der Merwe


Rudi Perold (ill), Donn Ingle (operation), Wendy Tawse (meeting) & Wilna Rademeyer (work commitment).


Heinie welcomed those present but as the constitution requires that a minimum of four members are required to form a quorum this meeting decided to have an informal discussion in the place of the official meeting and all matters that require further input would be carried over to the next meeting.


Confirmation of Minutes of the Meeting of 24 February 2015:

These minutes would be formerly ratified at the next meeting.

Matters Arising from the minutes:

Would be handled at the next meeting.

Additions to the Agenda (Other than matters Arising):



Per the Secretaries register which included two letters from the Overstrand Municipality re property matters which were given to Hilda for delivery to Rudi.

    1. Surplus YTD R28,316-54.
    2. Donations to Fire Fighters through appeal amounts to R78,000-00+ as at 15 March 2015.
    3. All members who had not paid their membership fees have been contacted either by E-Mail, letter or phone call to effect payment by 7 April 2015 or have their membership revoked.
    4. Adrian advises that he will arrange the change in bank signatures once he is mobile.
 Ward Committee Report Back:

The meeting was attended by Marlu Rust on behalf of the Overstrand Municipality Fire Department. Heinie reported on certain matters relevant to the situation re fires as follows:

    1. Marlu advises that they are not compliant with ZANS which he says is not compulsory.
    2. He also advises that they are not in favour of fire breaks which are not effective in the wind.

 There are a number of matters which need to be raised with the Fire Department such as:

    1. The promised report back after the discussion in Crassula Hall after the previous fire which has not been given.

    2. The failure of the Overstrand Municipality to clear their own property and road verges of aliens and old fynbos which creates a fire hazard.

    3. The failure of the Overstrand Municipality to timeously remove cut vegetation from road side which creates a fire hazard.

    4. The fact that fire breaks would assist fire vehicles in accessing otherwise inaccessible areas.

    5. To discuss with the Overstrand Municipality certain matters which have been brought up by Richard as noted during the last fire.

 It was suggested that Rudi arrange a meeting with the Fire Department and the Director Protection Services, Neville Michals to discuss the above matters.

WCDF Report Back:

Minutes have been received from the last meeting and Heinie discussed certain aspects thereof.

Federation Report Back:

Minutes have been received from the last meeting and Heinie discussed certain aspects thereof.

Portfolio Matters – Feed Back:
    1. The Buzz (Helen):

      1. Helen George advises that she has had a problem in that she has an Apple Mac which appears not to be acceptable for compiling The Buzz.

      2. After a discussion with Adrian she advises that she has obtained another computer and MS Publisher which will allow her to proceed. Adrian advised her that the BBRA would be prepared to pay for the software if an invoice is provided and that the software becomes the property of the BBRA.

      3. Helen says that she would be starting with the compilation of The Buzz for April on Tuesday 31 March 2015.

    2. Web Site (Donn):

      1. Donn is doing an excellent job and has proposed a number of changes to the Web Site as has been conveyed to us.

      2. Adrian advised him to go ahead with these ideas which would give the page a fresh outlook and make it more informative and user friendly.

      3. Nic has also indicated that he would provide advice/back up to both Nic and Helen if required.

    3. Sand Dune Management, Beaches & Amenities (Hilda):

      1. Hilda advises that as Gottleib van der Merwe has a handle on the situation with his group she will leave it to them but keep in touch.

      2. Hilda has had a meeting with Desmond LaKay of Overstrand Municipality and provided him with a comprehensive list of areas needing attention with photos of certain areas. There were many items needing attention and a number of them are small and can be rectified with little time and cost.

      3. She will look at these areas again next month and have a follow up meeting with Desmond to discuss what has been rectified.

      4. Adrian suggested to her that if no progress is being made she provide a list to Rudi for tabling at the following Ward Committee meeting and added to their list of outstanding items.

      5. It is pleasing to note the wide attention to detail which Hilda has shown in addressing all areas under her scrutiny.

    4. Roads & Storm Water (Wilna):

      1. In the absence of Wilna her report back would be deferred to the next meeting.

    5.  Property, Planning & Development (Rudi):

      1. Rudi had written to the Overstrand Municipality in connection with the planned building alterations at Harold Porter Gardens.

      2. In his absence his report would be deferred to the next meeting.

    6. Water, Waste & Sanitation (Richard):
      1. In the absence of Richard his report would be deferred to the next meeting inclusive of matters raised at the previous meeting.
    7. Fire & Emergency Services, Security & CPF (Wendy):

      1. In the absence of Wendy her report would be deferred to the next meeting inclusive of matters raised at the previous meeting.
    8. Crassula Hall (Heinie):

      1. The date for the Police Imbizo will be on 14 April 2015.
      2. Adrian advised Heinie that the payment of R3,000-00 from the Craft Market over the Easter Weekend had as yet not been made. Payments should be made prior to renting the hall.
      3. Adrian also advised that the agreed contract must also be signed prior to any function held in the hall by those who lease the premises.
      4. Heinie advises that a resident of Mooiuitsig wishes to rent the hall and kitchen (without crockery & cutlery) for a wedding reception. They agreed on a fee of R800-00 plus R250-00 deposit.
    9. Advertising (Vacant):

      1. Heinie advised that he would assist where possible but Adrian said that we should allow The Buzz to settle down before approaching new advertisers.
      2. Adrian has sent out invoices for the current quarters adverts.
    10. General (All):

      1. It is disturbing to note the low attendance at monthly meetings as these dates are set for the full year well in advance as the last Tuesday of each month at 16H00 except for December where we take a holiday. For record purposes the rest of the meetings would be as follows:
        1. 28 April 2015

        2. 26 May 2015

        3. 30 June 2015

        4. 28 July 2015

        5. 25 August 2015

        6. 29 September 2015

        7. 27 October 2015

        8. 24 November 2015

      2. December 2015 AGM to be discussed. It is appreciated that there are occasions where through illness or other priority matters members of the committee can not attend but every effort should be made to be there.
      3. Should it be impossible to attend we would appreciate notice well in advance and receipt by the Secretary of a written report by E-Mail on their portfolio to be tabled at the meeting.
Next Meeting:

28 April 2015 @ 16H00 at Crassula Hall.