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Minutes of the Committee Meeting of 25 August 2015 at 16H00 at Crassula Hall, Betty's Bay


Rudi Perold, Heinie Foot, Hilda van der Merwe, Richard Starke & Wilna Rademeyer.


Adrian de Kock

Donn Ingle


Rudi welcomed all, especially Pieter Pienaar of Millennium Management.

Confirmation of Minutes of the Meeting of 30 June 2015:

The minutes were accepted with the following amendment:
h) Crassula Hall (Heinie): ii. Change R300-00 per hour to R100-00 per hour or R300-00 for meeting duration.

Matter Arising from the Minutes:
  1. Adrian still to discuss the lease of Crassula Hall with Desmond Lakay. Will do on return from overseas trip – standing over.

  2. The change in signatories was made in favour of the new chair and vice chairperson.

  3. Adrian still to ask Desmond Lakay for feedback on budget requests – standing over.
Correspondence: Nil
Finance (Adrian):
  1. Aug 2015 financials have been distributed by E-Mail. Treasurer on leave – detail discussion if necessary standing over.

Ward Committee Report Back (Rudi):
  1. Various matters are brought up time and time again with very little or slow response from Overstrand Municipality.

WCDF Report Back (Rudi & Heinie):
  1. Heine gave feedback.

Federation Report Back (Heinie):
  1. No meeting for this period as this takes place quarterly.
Portfolio Matters:
  1. The Buzz (Helen): No report.

  2. Web Site (Donn): No report.

  3. Sand Dune Management, Beaches & Amenities (Hilda):

    1. Richard held a meeting with Overstrand Municipality re boardwalks etc. A walkway between the two ends of Bass lake would be advantageous. Matter not finalized.

    2. The Sand Dune management is in progress and the proposed plan is nearing completion.

    3. At David’s Kraal there are braai places with notice boards next to them prohibiting fires. It was once again reported to the area manager Kleinmond, Mr Lakey.

  4. Roads & Storm Water (Wilna):

    1. Wilna continues to bring to the attention of Overstrand Municipality problem areas.

  5. Property, Planning & Development (Rudi):

    1. The new proposed SANBI training centre was approved, subject to a few requirements.

    2. Martin van Rooyen is willing to serve on this portfolio

  6. Water, Waste & Sanitation (Richard)

    1. The pipe situation accessing Otter Close has been fixed.
  7. Fire & Emergency Services, Security & CPF (Wendy):
    1. Rudi could not manage to arrange a meeting with the Volunteer Fire Fighters.
    2. It was decided to split this portfolio.
  8. Crassula Hall (Heinie):
    1. Heine gave feedback.


Pieter Pienaar from Millennium Management gave a presentation on their business as a Risk Management Company. There was a general discussion and it was decided to follow up with a meeting and presentation to a small group of invited opinion formers from the community.

Next Meeting:

Tuesday 28 September 2015 @ 16H00 at Crassula Hall