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Geagte Burgemeester en gemelde amptenare

Namens die Belastingbetalersvereniging van Bettysbaai (BBBV) wil ek u almal opreg bedank vir die pasaangekondigde tegemoetkoming ten opsigte van bouplangelde wat uit ons vertoë voortgespruit het. Dit is nie alleenlik 'n besondere ruim finansiële bydrae nie, maar getuig ook van empatie met die slagoffers van die vernietigende brande van 11 Januarie 2019.

Ek glo dat u simpatieke optrede die emosionele en finansiële trauma van die slagoffers sal help verlig.

Ons wens u, namens 'n dankbare gemeeenskap, sterkte met u onderskeie verantwoordelikhede toe.

Werner Zybrands
Onder-Voorsitter van die BBBV
083 631 0667
Posbus / PO Box 325 Hermanus 7200

sanparks Apri 2019

See this one and more in our growing list of ebulletins in the Conservation category.

Various local artists are having an exhibition and auction from 20 - 23 December at Crassula Hall in Betty's Bay. Come look; expand your mind; delve into a world of imagination; find a perfect Christmas gift or just come say hello.

Art auction 2018

Call Tim on 083 703 8071 or Colleen on 083 273 5523 for more details. The flyer is below, and here is a larger one to download.

sanparks dec 2018

See this one and more in our growing list of ebulletins in the Conservation category.


Die sowat 18 maande wat verloop het sedert ek tot raadslid van wyk 10 in die Munisipaliteit Overstrand verkies is, was geweldig uitdagend en het my by veel meer as wykskomiteevergaderings, insette vir die Geïntegreerde Ontwikkelingsplan en die Begroting en sakelyste vir raads- en portefeuljekomiteevergaderings betrokke gemaak.

This year will be remembered for the violent protest action that occurred over a two week period from end August to middle September. There are different and diverse opinions of what exactly caused it: the difficult economic situation with accompanying poverty and unemployment, the impact of the fast changing demography in our area, the political tension in the country which also led to racial polarization, municipal service delivery.

  • Minutes of BBRA AGM 19 December 2017 DOC or PDF
  • Minutes of previous AGM 2016 DOCX or PDF
  • (English)Chairman's Report DOCX or PDF
  • (Afrikaans)Voorsitters Verslag DOCX of PDF
  • Treasurer’s Report DOCX or PDF
  • Financial statement year ended 31 October 2017 XLS or PDF or ODS
  • Neighbourhood Watch Report DOCX or PDF file of the report.

The Kogelberg Branch of the Botanical Society of SA has made us aware of a proposed development. I have spoken to the ecoimpact people who are running the participation project for the ERF 5546 Development. Lauren (of ecoimpact) said that there is no specific deadline and that as people register they will be included in the project.

Notice is hereby given of our Annual general meeting / algemene jaarvergadering to be held on:

Tuesday 19 December 2017 at 10H00 in Crassula Hall Bettys Bay.
Dinsdag, 19 desember 2017 om 10.00 – crassula-saal.

The full notice together with the annual financial statement is available at this link.

Please be reminded that should you wish to place any item on the agenda this must be advised by E-Mail to the Secretary at least seven (7) days prior to the AGM.


Adrian de Kock
Secretary/Treasurer BBRA 14 November 2017