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At our AGM held in December 2015 it was decided to make certain changes to our constitution. These proposals were to be forwarded to the membership prior to the AGM for input from yourselves.

Below are the present constitution and a proposed version with the changes highlighted in yellow (doc files). Please have a look at these and E-mail me ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) any suggestions for changes or in fact additional alterations required. Your suggestions would be appreciated by 21 September 2016.

  1. Present constitution.
  2. Proposed version.

Adrian de Kock Secretary/Treasurer BBRA

Come and get it — December's Buzz, served piping and yum.

The New Zealand Christmas tree — Metrosideros excelsa

You can download a PDF of this file by clicking here.

Species fact sheet and invitation to stakeholders

SANBI hereby invites stakeholders to attend an information-sharing session and mini-workshop. We wish to create an opportunity for those interested, to share their views and for us to develop objectives for a management plan for New Zealand Christmas Tree in Betty’s Bay and the Overstrand.

Date:  Friday, 11 December 2015
Venue:  Nivenia Hall, Harold Porter Gardens. Betty’s Bay
Time:  10:30 (tea); Meeting 11:00 – 13:00
Lunch: Light lunch will be served at 13:00

Come and get it — served hot and full of goodness.

Two Hats-off to the Overstrand Municipality!

Everyone acknowledges that poverty alleviation and job creation are the two most effective tools in the upliftment of communities and the reduction of social ills. 

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A few days ago, returning from the shops, we turned into our driveway. A Xhosa man on the road saw us and followed the car. When we started climbing out, there he was. I had not seen him behind us; it was a surprise. He was obviously suffering and going to ask us for money and food — and he did.

My first thought in situations like this is how to part quickly and without anger towards us. I got him some bread and gave him what I had in my wallet, all of ten bucks. He left and we breathed a sigh of relief.

Today he was back, knocking on the door. What to do? I fear in the wind and rain I felt sorry for him. Once again I could not send him away with angry words. After giving him bread and a few coins, I know, I know, and making sure he left, I wondered who to call. Then it came to me: Dr. Greef and Yvonne. They are such fountains of knowledge, those two. Yvonne immediately knew what I meant when I asked her, "Where can I send someone like that?"

Her reply was, "To KAWS in Kleinmond. They give them blankets, clothes and soup!"

Magic. Now I know what I can say next time. I can be stern, refuse what is asked, but encourage him to go see KAWS.

IMAGINE a non-stop stream of cars speeding through Betty’s Bay.

IMAGINE huge articulated trucks on Clarence Drive, belching noxious fumes into our clean air and disturbing the peace of Betty’s Bay.

IMAGINE being stuck in horrendous traffic jams on the coastal road behind said trucks.

IMAGINE the damage to the Betty’s Bay infrastructure such traffic would generate.

IMAGINE the frustration and anger that this intrusion will inevitably cause.


We need to plan our response NOW, We need to be proactive. Any ideas? THE BUZZ is planning a letter page. This can be a forum for such discussions. [In the same vein, what is your take on the blue LED security lights that pollute our night sky?]